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I COULD kill U all

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'' I could, Every last of U. I will Mybe ''.here  churnin turning //into/finality//here  churnin turning //into/finality//here  churnin turning //into/finality// ......." the Lie of U , Chota " said . Continuality . '' ENvY" ? I replied. We had walked  out from under our  SHELTERED seclusion , Doused the fire With our Piss n  puke, kicked  Obliterated  our scars ; It was nearly never enough  . So, the two of us went East of the west of the fallen SON, "om" TO   U  Tomb SCROOL ,  U broke interface <!"we KULD KILL all," I said.Yes. Hell ?.'' WE will, CONTINUITY ACKNOWLEDGE . '' This IS the Confussion of dicipher "? INTERFACE , oh " nO" . dave moaned .mmm . '' a START of SORTS , OUT FROM DOWN UNDER  "" mubbled hard and loud  Dave did.And DAVE HAD FOUND, sOUTH OF EAST , among the endless Coridors . "No, to be CONTINUED , i; Notheredave  said to Continuity .''  om "  dave replied ............  2 dominate here............EF748662EDE9BBD9BEB548807FC634DD1E64C2EA                                              

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