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The Hunt continues

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“Hello Keystone.”  The sings song voice sounding like a group of people stopped the Union Guard dead in his tracks.  Sweat broke out on his forehead, and he started visibly shaking.  “What can I do for you?”

The Guard flinched as Abyss stepped out just to his right, as if appearing right of the shadows. He leaned in close whispering into the Guards ear.  A wet spot started growing on the front of the Guard’s pants and running down his leg.  “I am looking for a kid.  Where are they held here in New Flag?”

“Why do you…” the Guard started to say but was cut off but a low growl that no human should be able to make. “Where?”  Abyss repeated.

It took the Guard a few moments before he could speak. “End of Badger way.  The tall building.” He finally croaked.

“Good, you get to keep the rest of your fingers.” Abyss growled and faded back into the shadows without a sound.

It too almost 3 minutes for the Guard to move, he glanced at his left hand.  The Pinky was missing, looking as if it was torn off.  He shuddered and headed home to change.

((Word will spread quickly through the Union that Abyss is in town again.  Anyone with contact will be able to learn he is around and looking for a child in or related to the Orphanage.))


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Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

Abyss sounds like a terrible person to play 'got yer nose' with.

I can scavenge trash... but this? This is rubbish! - Post Fall scavenger problems.

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((I feel like the music to Jaws should be starting in right about now...or maybe one of the slasher type movies like Friday the 13th or Halloween.

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(( I would choose Critters if there was a sound track.

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