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The Hunt is on

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Abyss rode his Wolf to the outskirts of Hope Springs.  His directions were simple enough, and how he accomplished them was at his discretion.  Damion had been curious about the item the old bitch wanted to have back.

Abyss’s primary mission was to locate the person that had the item, and get it from them. This was what Abyss considered the fun part of his mission as it entailed hunting down the person, and doing whatever was needed to get results.  It had been a long time since he got bloody.

Second he was to see what the current status of business in Hope was.  Damion wanted to get a foot hold someplace and establish a business of some sort.

In his travels, Damion had also asked that Abyss find out what was being done with all the girls from Diamond Lil's, and if they were happy with that path in life.

Patting the Wolf, Abyss pulled the bridle off.  "Go hunt Brother, we will be here a while."


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"Is he indeed...... Okay, keep an eye on him and make sure he gets nowhere near the hostel. Thanks!


Hyle ended the call and made a few more other calls...

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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Shadow was almost amused at the call, spending more of the brief exchange of words gushing about his feelings than the mostly unneeded reassurance. He had briefly entertained the thought of using his anti-materiel rifle to prove a point but, that too, would be unnecessary. Hope was extremely well-defended even without his presence; with it, its citizens slept soundly under the watch of a man wielding power over matter itself. One man and his pet pooch was insulting. Already bored, he went back to his day-to-day, circling the town and dealing with a more prevalent threat of crop-hungry rabbits.

Lonely are the brave...

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