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The House With A Basement

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Sector Three


"Wow, there are houses with basements. Who knew..."

He went down the steps, creaking the wood with each foot set down on them. He adjusted his tie that became askew on his way to get here, getting it to go back down the middle of his now unbuttoned suit, just the way he liked it. Carrying his portable radio with him under his left arm.
'How pathetic those things are.' he thought to himself as he walked down the stairs into the pitch black room, finally setting foot on the solid basement floor. The mask wasn't really helping his eye sight either but he refused to remove it.




"Let's see where the switch is." he mumbled to himself as he pressed his gloved hands to the ice cold stone walls near the bottom of the steps. He knew it had to be close by
"Aha!" he said aloud as he found the switch and turned it on, the lights taking a moment to flicker to life, lighting up a room that looked like it had just been set up to restrain a sick person. A gurney set up in the middle of the room with a few stainless steel prep tables with various tools lain on them that seemed to be surgical. Petyr waltz across the room to a cleared metallic table pushed up against the wall, a rotting corpse laying against the wall nearby, whistling a noncoherant tune to himself.
He set the radio he had up on the table and pressed the play button, a loud crackling sound played for a second before playing some long-time dead guy Petyr didn't know the name of

"Paaapa loves mambo. Maaama loves mambo.
Look at 'em sway with it, 
Gettin' so gay with it, 
Shoutin' "Olay!" with it, wow!"

Petyr turned his attention to the dead body and walked in front of it, crouching down at the knees and putting his hands around the bodies' ankles, now whistling the tune to the song as he dragged the body out of the room, and up the stairs, hitting the bodies' head against each step with a thud sound, until he reached the top. He dragged the body all the way outside, leaving the front door open, and into the pile of other bodies amassed there. Petyr picked up a nearby gas can and started to pour the contents onto the rotting bodies until he was confident they were soaked thoroughly.

He took a few steps backwards and reached into his suit's pocket, still whistling the tune he could now just faintly hear coming from the basement, and produced a lighter. He opened the cap and flicked the lighter until it ignited a small flame.
"Ahhh, perfect." he said before tossing it into the pile of bodies, lighting them up brightly, the flames licking away at the carcasses' rotting flesh. He turned on his heels and strolled back into the house, still whistling the tune

"Don't let her rumba,
And don't let her samba,
'Cause Papa...
Loves a mambo, toniiiight!"

He closed the door behind him as the flames engulfed the bodies completely.


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Just another ordinary day in the life of Petyr eh? Tongue Out I love how medical gear raises a sense such horror in these kinds of settings.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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... You only need a mother now.


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Joes Farting through silk sig followed by animated cats freaking out about farts sig just made my day. XD

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((I sometimes worry about your hobbies.

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My hobbies are none of your business *glares at Volt as he puts the mayonaise back in the refridgerator*


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