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Bubba stood a bit back, staring out the window.  His latest “guest” was still raging in the back, but his focus was out the window.  Standing at the corner of the building across the street and man was in the shadows of the alley.  He was dressed in dark clothing, and had pale oily skin.  He was what you pictured when someone said “Creepy”.  

The stranger was eyeing the play yard down the street.  Full of kids, the stranger watched the yard like a starving man at a buffet.  It took effort not to go out and confront the man, but Bubba was doing his part and needed to stay where he was.   

The stranger glanced back up at Bubba with a sneer, checking if he was still in the window.  Bubba saluted him, and the stranger stood up strait and did a quick shuddering jig.  When he stopped he collapsed like a rag doll, exposing the small woman behind him.  She looked up and waved the Taser at bubba who chuckled to himself “Dam ninja” as he turned to go set up for their new guest.


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((Well that was mysterious.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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((To be continued :)

What doesn't kill me... better start fucking running.

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