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"Hose" be trippin!

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the man lets out a grunt of pain as he limps towards his bike, one hand holding a small piece of rubber hose, his other cups the fresh wound on his shoulder.

"Fuckin' bitch!"
Cole kicks at a corpse of a blade dancer as he exits the small camp.

He had spotted the camp early and hoped by this time they would be too drunk to put up a fight. He was wrong, the few blade dancers put a a decent fight, Coles panting breath and blood soaked arm proof of the raiders will to live.

"ahh what a day." He chuckles to himself "but i got the hose and im still breathing!"

Cole sets the small gauge hose down...such a little thing..but when yours takes a shit on ya and gas spews out the side of ya bike at 50 plus it seems like the world. He pulls a crude first aid kit out of his back pack and begins to tend to his wound and rest.

Waking at dawn and having a nice breakfast consisting of cold can of beans and not so clean water. Cole heads to his bike and readies to leave. He gives the gas tank a solid thud with his knuckles before starting the bike...the hollow, empty sound from the tank rings in his ears. Cole sighs and begins the long walk back into town.

"...Well im still breathing." He chuckles.


(new rp to get some spark back in FE for me. self imposed rules for this guy and his RP.


Only money for a bike
player must eat, drink and rest
can only vendor and rp trade, no ah
must take up cooking and scince for food
and repairs on travels
first aid also
must rest/rp treaments if wounded badly IC
serious wounds must be treated in town
2xgas useage
bike repars from fall dmg must be rp'd
No rp chips, if chips used they must be forfited
no faction, war is too risky vs clones
no mutations
missions limited to 3 per town
no ic fast travel


Hope he mets some of you guys in his travels!

Cole Dyson- "The Streetwise Mayfly."

Canni Belle's picture

((I look forward to hearing more of Coles adventures

One minute your calm, the next your shooting someone in the face, then your doing your chickendance. If that is not chaos I dont know what is - Aiid

Engel's picture

(( A hero is born! Probably not the hero we need, but the hero of the Apocalypse. Good luck - it's harsh out there and great idea on the self-imposed rules. I hope to meet Cole down the dirty, oil & blood soaked road. ))

- this comment was brought to you by Oilville Primo™ -

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((Yeah good luck out there Cole. Joe doesn't play any more but you can buy real food for real chips from the Troys at the wafflehouse in Hope Springs.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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