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Holy woman

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was waiting in line in front of a makeshift elevator down in Boneclaw, one of those contraptions that make you think if they are really worth getting into - you will avoid walking down the slippery slopes to the lower levels, but you run the risk of plummeting all the way down.

Imagine that! A line of people. They say every speck of culture was wiped out by the Apocalypse and yet here we were, five people waiting politely in a line to enter an elevator.

The elevator arrives, and just as I was about to enter... this short, shriveled body of a bald Lightbearer nun walks past me and into the elevator. What could I do, the whole situation was kind of comical. I shrugged and entered the elevator behind the short, holy woman.

Now, one of the guys in the elevator asks his buddy: “What floor do we get out?” and the old nun just bumps into their conversation, like people in elevators shouldn't do: “How come you don’t know where you are going?” and then bursts out into this cute, mocking, teethless laughter that quickly spread to the rest of us. PAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! We were all laughing during our ride down.

It’s funny... the things that men and women of cloth say to us – even when they are joking we see some deeper meaning.


Or maybe... she wasn’t joking?


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More interesting is the automatic deference we show to 'religious' people who we have no actual reason to show any deference to at all.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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He looked at the bald group of people with the eyes that was put in face long ago by the cloning pods, but he no longer saw with those eyes. Now he gazed upon the world with the eyes in his mind, and the world seemed to exist only of dark rusty metal. Perhaps it was a good thing that the lighting was bad. It flickered on and off, somewhat successfully hiding the living and the dead. 
As he continued his maliciously stare at one particular member of the living inside the elevater, the contraption creaked and groaned its way down into the belly of the unknown.
It was an odd scene indeed.
The living filled with laugther, although no one seemed to know exactly why.
The dead stared with envy and hatred. 
If there was one thing he learned in the afterlife, it was that where the living occupied and resided, the dead followed. Another thing he learned was that the afterlife was not a silent place. It was a place of screams and confused shouting.

The contraption contiuned its way down, with the laughter of the living and the screaming of the dead. 


((Don't take this post too seriously, a sudden urge came over me. You could almost say that I was possessed...))

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((Nun ...or perhaps a less threatening visage of the Grim Reaper?

One minute your calm, the next your shooting someone in the face, then your doing your chickendance. If that is not chaos I dont know what is - Aiid

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