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The hand of fate

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“DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM!?!  LET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!”  The slimy little man shouted for the 5th time.  He had woken in the dark cell, and immediately started demanding to be released.  After a few more rounds of shouting, Bubba walked into the holding area.  They had rebuilt it up to have a general pen, and two solitary cells.

Bubba stopped and sipped from the cup in his hand and waited for the stream of obscenities to stop.  He smirked thinking that for such a little man he could make a lot of noise.  When he finally stop to breath, Bubba spoke.  

“You are a piece of shit that thinks they are at the opposite end of the food chain, than they actually are.  You deal in the lowest form of business there is.  You’re a human trafficker, and you deal in kids.  You supply the vilest beings in the canyon with what they desire.  No is the time that your debt to fate comes due.”

“You can’t do shit, pig.  You have no authority here.  Once you hand me over to the Union, I’ll be out in minutes.  You may as well just open this door and walk away.  You’re nothing but a joke around here.”

Bubba nodded and took another sip.  “That may be so, and I am going to walk away.  But I ain’t opening that door till tomorrow morning.  You have till then to do what you want, then you’re free to go.”

“What are you talking about?  Why not open in now for me and be done with it? He don’t walk away from me!”

Bubba chuckled, “I wasn’t talking to you.”  As he turned and left he closed the heavy door behind him.

A low growl came from behind the man startling him. “He was talking to me.”

Abyss moved out of the shadows he had been hiding in. “SO your one of the slime that thinks they are a top predator, cause they abuse kids.”  Abyss grinned, and there was absolutely no humor in the smile. “Let’s see how tuff you really are.”

Bubba sat with his back to the vault like door.  Screams could be heard despite the heavy door, and he simply ignored them watching the sunset out the window.


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((LOL. You do realise that some poor NPC is going to have to clean that mess up. I can just imagine her getting in that night and the ensuing conversation while she was cooking for her husband and five kids. Probably started something like this: "How was MY day? Huh! You'll never guess what I had to do first thing this morning. And did I even get a new mop out of it? I did not..."

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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((Come on! Pan the camera back to the holding cell, we wanna see Abyss in his natural envrioment!

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