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Halloween Fantasy (Supplemental)

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 No writing today because I had a stupid idea: "hey... pictures!" So I made some pretty pictures lol, well, I tried.


Carrion Worm

On the plus side, she no longer needed to use the bathroom.


Poppy on the bridge

"You should not be on the bridge young lady."



Ranger Weis

Ranger Specialist Weis (Unoficial photo taken from his own camera on a timer... probably for his Mum)



Alicia Troy


Former president Alicia Troy O'Rourke-Liê. Seventeenth child of the Grand Mother




Babysitting Poppy

Babysitting Poppy

Looking after Poppy for the duration of the shuttle flight proved to be the longest three days of Gregor's life.




It Hunts

It Hunts

The other foods got away, but this food tried to hide. There were a few seconds of loud noise and tearing flesh. Then It quickly dragged the food away to hide it from the others.

It would gorge on the juicy inside bits straight away. The rest of the carcase, if It was successful in its hiding, would last several days before It would have to hunt again.




Ellie and Gregor

Expedition press photo. Ellie and Gregor


Bodil and Victor

Expedition press photo. Bodil and Victor.


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Joe's looking well. 

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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Might be Hyle after too much time in the sun!

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