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Halloween Fantasy, recap of the story so far.

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First of all, let me just say that the name ‘Halloween Fantasy’ doesn’t really work anymore. Originally, this was only meant to be a little story for Halloween three years ago. But, it just grew. I need a new name.

Okay then, the recap.

This story is loosely set in FE, but an FE seven hundred years in the future.

The faction wars are over, subsumed into the larger conflict of the Great Clone War which came about when the vast majority of the population of The Province finally got fed up of psychopathic clones running riot in a world where it was already hard to survive. The final catalyst was a horrific terrorist attack by a little known and shadowy organisation of clone supremacists.  The war ended with the signing of The Treaty of Los Alamos and the destruction of the last LifeNet facility.

LifeNet, conscious of its own eventual fate even prior to the clone war, made a last desperate attempt to fulfil its programming and ensure the survival of the human race. Using secret pre-Fall research from Japan, LifeNet produced a clone whose offspring would be born with the aging process genetically altered to stop at approximately the age of twenty two years. After a series of mishaps which threatened to thwart this plan, the first of the new immortals was finally produced. Eventually she would become known as The Grand Mother and would be instrumental during the clone war and in the period of social reconstruction that followed.

Leap forward seven hundred years and humanity is slowly repopulating the planet. Into this, insert a now three hundred and something year old professor of archaeology named Bodil Hill. The professor is suspicious of the apparent political and dynastic manoeuvring behind the rush instalment of a new statue in the excavated remains of New Flagstaff. She sets off to find out what is really going on and why Joe Spivey, a minor historical character from seven hundred years ago has had an imposing new, and unlikely, statue raised in his honour.

What the professor finds out only feeds her suspicions that the wealthy and influential Troy dynasty is somehow behind it all. Following her investigations in the famous Troy Archive at the family estate that is the former Switzerland, Bodil finds herself smack in the middle of the unbelievable political machinations of the present and the continuing destructive strategies of ancient enemies.

In a shaky alliance with the head of the Troy family security organisation, Bodil now finds herself chasing clues in the partially submerged and overgrown ruins of London.

After an eventful expedition in the tunnels of London’s underground train system the party return to their base camp in the once famous Wembley Stadium…



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(( Orders several kilo's of popcorn 

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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