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Halloween Fantasy (part 72)

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There was already an air of despondency in the room when Ellie walked in, accompanied by a much recovered and way much happier Gregor. She sat, or maybe collapsed, into a one of the seats around the large table.

Bodil looked around the faces before asking the question they were all thinking.

“How did it go?”

Ellie, looking exhausted, sighed.

“About as well as you’d expect.” She accompanied her words with a shrug that suggested she didn’t want to talk about the meeting with Timothy Hobbes’ family back in Brasilia.

Bodil understood. It was something she had had to do twice in her long career and it was a heart-breaking experience both times. She changed the subject, injecting a lighter mood into her words.

“We expected you back a couple of days ago.”

Whether it was the jet-lag, frustration or more likely a combination of both, Ellie let out a huge groan. The business back at the Troy house had not gone well. At such an important time she really should have been there. But… being in London just now was equally important, if not more so.

“URRRGHHH!” He forehead met the table top with an impressive ‘thunk’. “Mothers! Somebody save me from possessive, overprotective, interfering mothers.” She lifted her head and looked dazedly at the surprised faces around her. “So. What’s been happening here? Not much from Victor’s reports.”

Bodil couldn’t help but bristle at the inferred slight and she cast a glance at Victor that could have curdled milk.

In the intervening days since Ellie’s departure for her unenviable task in Brasilia the team had actually been very busy. They just hadn’t gotten the results they wanted.

The first disappointment had been the satellite imagery from the ‘borrowed’ meteorological satellite which covered the European latitudes. The results were surprisingly negative. Where the team had hoped to discern at least some evidence of heat given off by the southward bound cable from the underground generating facility, there had been nothing. Nothing at all. The enigmatic ‘F’ on the distribution board they had discovered would, it seemed, remain so. At least for now.

The second, and major, disappointment had been Sergeant Glasser’s cheerful refusal to provide any of her Rangers, or their equipment, for further expeditions by the Troy Foundation team. Appeals to her immediate superior made no difference as he just repeated and emphasised Glasser’s reasoning that all resources were required to work with the government radiation personnel who had descended on the ancient underground station which contained the jury-rigged nuclear plant.

The only good news to balance this had been Gregor’s continuing rapid recovery under the able ministrations of the facility’s well-equipped medical personnel. This had cheered them all up, even more so when the news and accompanying photos of a grinning and waving Gregor had been forwarded to Ellie.

That had been all the good news, well until yesterday. During a ‘chance’ meeting with Specialist Weis in one of the several bars, the little ranger had slurringly informed Victor about ‘Goliath’.

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