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Gathering the pieces

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Damion stooped and looked at the crude drawing in the dust.  The crew was in full swing cleaning up the old Diamond Lili’s building, but a few chips and they agreed to leave this room for last.

Walking out to his car, Damion waved to the group of kid helping with the cleanup.  Suddenly it occurred to him how he was going to find who had the chip he needed.  He reached into his car and grabbed some paper and a pen.  Writing a note he folded it and waved one of the kids over holding up a blue chip.  “Take this to whoever is running the Orphanage.  Let them know I will be stopping in to see if I can hire a couple of you to do some cleaning elsewhere.”  He smiled warmly and handed the note and chip to the kid.

Now all he needed to do was find whoever drew the picture, and ask the right questions.  Easy enough to do under the pretense of an interview.  A quick scan of surface thoughts would provide the location of the chip. 

Damion reached into his pocket and pulled out the twin tubed vial.  It was sealed shut and one tube filled with a red liquid, the other a blue one.  The Tech he had obtained the vial from said the original researcher was dead.  However the full notes of his work were on the chip, allowing anyone to recreate the Drug.  Soon he could get to work on production, and then the fun would really start.

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