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A game of Cat and Mouse

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Damion knew right away the young redhead that walked in was different than the rest of the children he had seen today.  Most saw the plate of cookies, bags of chips, and assorted cans of soda on the table.  Their surface thought immediately went to what to take, and how much they could consume.

This one ignored the table and took in Damion behind the desk, and if anyone else was in the room, or observing from a hidden spot.  She assessed the situation and was wary of the warm smile he offered, and what may be in the snacks or drinks.

Damion chuckled after a few moments and motioned to the chair in front of him. “Please, have a seat dear.”

“Yes Sir.” Came the respectful reply, while she thought “I ain’t ya f’n dear” Damion suppressed a smirk.  He started asking his usually questions, and continued to call her dear or sweetie.  He knew if he pushed her, it would be easier to read what she was thinking.  He asked random stuff pushing her further and further to the breaking point losing her temper.  When he was one question away from that point he finally asked the question he had asked every kid so far. “How are you at keeping secrets, sweetie?”

Surprisingly that question did not get the results he expected.  She was about to blow up at him, but she stopped with her mouth open.  Her mind went from small box to a few other scenes of various secrets she knew, both involving Adults and other kids.  Then it raced through all the questions he had asked, and the setup of the room.  Her response made him laugh.

“You’re pushing me.  You want me to get mad an’ yell.  Why?”


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((Nicely done Sir.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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