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Götterdämmerung. (part 9)

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As Hyle waited for the doors to open, if indeed they actually would, she thought about all the ‘Ifs’. And there were a lot of them. She knew about Brown but didn’t ‘know’ her that well. And if there were a cohort of Lucy’s men inside rather than the two, three, four that she guessed…. Then what?. Hyle bit her lip then stopped herself, the camera was watching.


Miss Brown?”

Miss Brown put down her knife and fork, annoyed. She was hungry. All she wanted was a bite to eat before…. Well…. Spending some ‘quality time’ with Doctor Troy.

What!” She demanded into the intercom.

Err..there’s someone outside… It’s … Hyle Troy.”

So? shoot her……. No wait.”

Hyle Troy”, Brown murmured to herself and thought about this not entirely unexpected turn of events. Not entirely unexpected but well down the list of possibilities.

Is she armed. Is she alone?”

Unarmed and alone.”

Well let her in then.”


The thick cable tie bit into Hyle’s wrists tied as they were behind her back and around a pillar. One of the thug-guards, the one who Hyle had kicked in the balls the previous day was busy patting Hyle down, searching for hidden weapons. Hyle closed her eyes suffering the privation as the guard conducted a ‘thorough search’ around her breasts and between her legs. ‘Just to make sure’ He cackled to his colleague.

He stopped when Miss Brown slapped him hard on the back of his head. Brown had climbed the stairs from below while his attention was elsewhere. The two guards meekly stepped away from Hyle.

Hyle watched Brown. Brown looked at Hyle. The two women both sizing the other up. The only sound being Browns footsteps on the metal floor as she paced around Hyle.

Hyle calmly leaned against the post, her eyes following Brown. She reminded her in so many ways of Tuki, her build, and most definitely the eyes. But it was like looking at Tuki’s evil twin.

Brown stopped and pointed a quizzical finger at Hyle.

Hyle Troy…. Hope Springs? The coffee shop? You are a clone, right? I mean, I’m not imagining it am I? You wear the collar? Never die? The whole thing, right? RIGHT?!”

I have come for Tukiko.” Hyle stared back into Browns eyes.

One thing at a time Miss Troy. Oh! Mayor Troy, My apologies. Mayor Troy, friend of the friendless. Saviour of the hopeless.” The scorn shone from Browns eyes.

So why do you even care about them? They sure as hell don’t care about you. About us. They enslaved us.”

She stabbed at her own chest with a finger.

I was created just to run out of a LifeNet facility armed with a knife and kill as many bandits as I could before they killed me… and I did that hour after hour. Death after death… and for what? Just so they didn’t have to lift a finger to defend themselves. They would even come and watch, those brave inhabitants of South Burb. Watch us clones, who had only ever known life for a few minutes before we were fighting to survive.”

She paced back and forth. Hyle watched her.

But a change is coming Hyle Troy from Hope Springs. I remember you now, oh yes. A storm is on the horizon Lady Mayor and when it has blown itself out there will be only one survivor.

"If it is clonekind, if we fulfil our destiny then a glorious future lays open to us. Imagine what we can achieve. Imagine if Einstein or Hawkin had been clones, what advancements would they make? We could reach for the stars."

But if it is mankind who stands alone on that bloody field then what fate for us? The cloning facilities destroyed. Old age and death, if we are lucky. How do you like that, party girl? Wrinkled and hunched with your tits around your knees sitting in the corner trying to remember the words to the music you used to dance to. Then some young human girl notices you and whispers to her friend, “She used to be someone.” Is that truly the future you want for yourself?”

So join us Hyle Troy. Come with us and ensure that glorious dawn. Keep your pets if you must but fight to keep the ‘gift’ that has been forced on us. The gift we now claim as our own.”

Have you quite finished?”

Hyle’s face was a mask of defiance.

I came here to get my daughter. Not to listen to you pontificating about clone supremacy!”

Hah!” Brown’s laugh was coarse, derisive. Brown leaned on a rail and folded her arms.

We are clones, but we are still human.” Hyle stood up straight despite being tied to the pillar. “With all the human faults. Greed, ambition and so on. Look at yourself. The difference is that clones like you don’t value life. Death is an inconvenience, half an hour of puking then carry on where you left off.”

Brown raised an eyebrow, a weird half-smile crossed her face. “Do go on.” Hyle fixed her gaze on Brown.

Your ‘clone supremacy’ will never happen… Because the reset button is too readily available. Anything we build will be destroyed, quickly. Because of that human trait that is part of us, Greed. And we are more human than you care to accept”

Hyle saw Brown stiffen. She pressed on

And you see yourself leading this revolution? You can’t lead! You are too full of hate. Your leadership is all about coercion and pain. Your revolution will implode before it even gets started.”

Hyle leaned forward against her bindings. “If that is your future, you get on with it. Give me my daughter and I’ll leave you drown in your ambition.”

Brown stepped forward. Hyle’s eyes blazed with cold blue fury, which irritated her.

Miss Troy. I don’t think you are in a position to ‘demand’ anything.” Brown paused and looked meaningfully at Hyle’s bound hands behind the pillar. “In fact, I have decided I don’t like you anymore. Which leaves me with a dilemma.”

As Brown paused for effect Hyle leaned back against the pillar. Brown stepped forward, close to Hyle. Their eyes locking, each blazing at the other.

Should I let you watch me carve up Tukiko’s face. Or let her watch me carve up yours. What do you say Miss Troy?”

Hyle eyes glowed with cold ice blue fury.

"Party girl." Brown's voice was full of scorn "Such a fine face." She caressed Hyle's face with the back of her hand. "I wonder how many men wlll want to dance with a girl.... without a nose. perhaps?"

She stroked Hyles nose. Hyle felt herelf shudder and tried in vain to stop herself shaking.

"So... you decide, who first, you or your daughter...  What do you say?"

Hyle  shook her head. A smile drifted onto her lips

Auf wiedersehen. Pet!”




* * * * * * *


The microphone in Hyle’s collar sent the words via a small USB connector down a thin wire to the chip hidden in the collar of Hyle’s jacket. The chip converted the code-phrase into a small electrical impulse which travelled down another wire to a detonator.


The explosive stitched into the lining of her jacket was very thin, very pliable, almost undetectable inside the expensively thick leather. If the goon had concentrated on her jacket instead of her body, perhaps Hyle’s plan would have failed. But he hadn’t.


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((Everything is going so well and then a floozy in a pink jacket blows up in your face. (Like the Geordie reference ;))

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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Yes ! Just when you think you hold all the cards....




I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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(( Auf wiedersehen. Pet!” *swoons*

Very interesting to see Brown's views on things. Total opposites.

Lonely are the brave...

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The race was on.

Outside, Ned heard the explosion and, realising that was ‘the signal’, he and his men set about the doors.


Far below, the cloner vomited out two naked females within seconds of each other who skittered together across the floor like two fish thrown into a boat.

Covered in best Life-Net icky goo. The two women writhed and slithered against each other, each trying gain some purchase on the greasy floor.

Vomiting profusely, Hyle raised herself onto her hand and knees. On the floor beside her, Brown cursed her through gritted teeth before rolling over to spew bile onto the floor beside her.

Hyle knew it was all about who could recover first, she got to her feet, leaning against a the wall for support as another spasm wracked her now empty guts. She looked behind. Brown was rising but still on all fours, a torrent of expletives issuing from her mouth between retches.

Hyle looked around for some advantage while she could. She tore open one of the Life-Net ‘Welcome Packs’ and seized a pick axe handle. Brown was by now on her knees.

Screaming like a demon, overcharged with fury, Hyle dashed at Brown, swinging the club into her head, sending her for another tour around the cloning cycle knowing full well that a second cloning so soon after a first was always far worse. Hyle had bought herself time.


Outside, bits of metal, door and door frame rained down on Ned and the lads as they looked at the oversized hole in the side of the bunker. Ned glared at Chuckles.

You were only supposed to blow the….. Aww fuck it! Come on lads!”


Hyle dashed for the cloning chamber door, sill naked, still covered head to foot in Life-Net goo. She took the stairs onto the mezzanine two at a time, screaming her daughter’s name.

Mommmm !” The voice was faint but nearby. Hyle rushed the door, it opened.

Mom. Here !!!”


In the chamber, a pit in the floor closed by a grille, a bruised and battered Tuki squatted. The shock stopped Hyle in her tracks momentarily, but she immediately sank to her knees and scrambled at the locking bar.

And in a moment Tuki was deep in Hyle’s motherly embrace. They both were sobbing.


Lucy’s goons, still staggering after Hyle’s explosion had decided to hand in their notices to Lucy and were making their way to the entrance when Chuckles ‘unlocked’ the doors. Covered in dust they quickly capitulated to the club wielding gang. Enough was enough.

Racing down the stairs, Ned found Hyle and Tuki, saw Hyle naked, again, and turned to face the other way, stopping the rest of his lads on the stairs, in respect to Hyle’s dignity.


Ow ow ow.” Tuki yelped, after a few minutes of Hyle’s she-bear embrace, Tuki’s bruises reminded her of their existence. Hyle relaxed her grip, She then remembered the other matter in hand.

Brown’s in the cloner!”

Ned’s bunch headed down the stairs.


Inside the cloning room, wretched and retching, almost puking herself inside out. Miss Brown heard the mass of footsteps coming down the metal stairs.

She was beaten. That hurt. She screamed in fury.

Resigning herself to a third and what she knew would be a cataclysmically uncomfortable bout of cloning sickness. She initiated her Life-Net hack.


Ned climbed slowly back up the stairs, carrying a blankets for both Hyle and Tuki.


I’ll call Joe. Then we’ll get you two home.”

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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