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Götterdämmerung. (part 11)

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21:00 Precisely. Miss Skovlund stepped off the bus, still dressed in jacket and pencil skirt, this time carrying a clip board.

I trust all is prepared, Miss Lucy? Nice dress by the way. Very retro, in keeping with the surroundings.”

She nodded her thin tight-ass smile and took a place beside Lucy on the kerb by the bus doors.

Lucy had indeed treated herself to a new outfit, very madam-like while narrowly avoiding the old ‘Mutton-dressed-as-lamb’ cliché. Lucy, flanked by four of her Marshals welcomed each of her clients as they filed off the bus.

“’Smell like a bunch of Kansas City faggots if y’ask me.” She muttered through her smile. The goon next to her snorted as the smell of cologne wafted from the file of Travs as one by one they went inside.

Fourteen….. Fifteen….. Sixteen…..” Miss Skovlund ticked at her clipboard.

Lucy smiled her welcomes, feeling wonderfully wealthy as the ‘dollar signs’ in dusters nodded their way past her and into her brothel.


Seventeen….. and… last but not least. Eighteen!”

Eighten?” Lucy asked. She was sure the booking was for seventeen!

Good evening Aunt Lucy.”

More surprised, Lucy turned around to look at the figure just alighting the bus, the voice had sounded familiar. But….

I’m here to close you down.” Hyle Troy smiled graciously. “It’s about time someone shoved a spoke into your wheels. Don’t you think?

Lucy heard the hammer lock and felt the noisy end of a gun held by Miss Skovlund against her temple. She also heard the scuffling as the four Marshals behind were overpowered. From inside came the sound of scuffles, breaking furniture and screaming girls. A few shots rang out here and there but no sustained gunfire

From along the street came the sound of running feet as Hyle’s reinforcements arrived and piled inside the brothel.

Why you scrawny lil’…..” Lucy cursed at the thin smile of Miss Skovlund.

Games up!” Grinned Skovlund.

Lucy knew it

Lucy put her hand on her gun, the one secreted under her skirt, not one of these silly chrome pop gun-in-a-garter affairs, but more a huge damned cannon of a revolver strapped to her thigh.

But reason overcame anger just in time. If she went for the gun then Prissy Skovlund would put a bullet in her brain and Lucy would be off to the cloner, instantly losing everything she owned. Anger was subdued by reason, but with a lot of help from greed. Better to play along with this bitch Troy and see what happens.

Slowly, Lucille Slater raised her hands above her head, cussing.


A for once clean shaved and groomed Ned appeared at the door resplendent in faux traveller duster. “We got the place under control, Miss Troy.”

Good.” Hyle stepped around Lucy and spoke to Ned.

Get the girls on the bus, take them down to Hope. The hostel is expecting them, they know what to do. And once you have Her goons all trussed up you can hand out the sledgehammers and start pulling this shit-hole apart.”

Yes Miss Troy.” Ned nodded

Oh and Ned?” Hyle smirked. “Nice work!”


Ned grinned.

(( tbc..  things are never  that simple :)  ))


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(( can't wait :D

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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One by one the girls were lead out to the bus. In the main the girls were relieved about their release. Some happy to get away from the hellish existence they had come to know, others far too zonked on the Storm that Lucy and her people had fed them on to really understand what was doing on. But human nature being what it is, a small number of girls, perhaps due to some form of Stockholm Syndrome, or maybe just an innate stubbornness to survive, actually felt a loyalty to Lucy.


Lucy had been sat down at one of the tables in the saloon area with explicit instructions to keep her hands in clear sight on the tabletop. Ytte, ‘Miss Skovlund’, stood behind her, still holding the gun to the back of Lucy’s head.

To the sound of splintering wood and breaking glass, Lucy heard her balance sheet plummeting south as, in ones and twos, ‘her’ girls were guided outside. Lucy though had her eyes fixed on Hyle Troy, despising this ‘bleeding heart do gooder’ with every inch of her acid soul. She laughed inwardly as she saw the sympathy and sadness on Hyle’s face. Of course, Lucy just saw business assets, Hyle saw people.

By now most of Hyle’s men were dismantling the place and the last three or four girls were on their way out. One of the guys was struggling with one of the girls, Mandy, who was one of the ones reluctant to leave. In front of her was Dinah, staring ahead, her mind a fog of drugs.

Lucy caught Mandy’s eye and nodded. Mandy pushed Dinah hard into Ytte, knocking her bodily off her feet. Lucy seized her moment, and her revolver and in the confusion she grabbed the hazed Dinah by the neck.

Ytte got to her feet but by then Lucy was using Dinah as a shield, gun pressed to her head. Hyle saw the danger.

Hold!” Hyle yelled, Ytte was raising her gun.

Yep, that’s the way. Y’all take things nice and easy or this lil’ whore gits her head blowed off.” Lucy snarled.

Hyle held up her hand as some of her men looked as if they were about to rush Lucy, Ytte lowered her gun. Dinah, despite the head lock was merely staring at everyone vacantly. Mandy took her place beside Lucy.

Git th’ door to mah office, Mandy.” Lucy commanded as she backed her way towards the door. Inside her office was comparative safety. But more importantly her money and her client-book ‘Fer blackmailin’, should the time come’. In short the only future she had any hope of salvaging.

Yes, Aunt Lucy.” Mandy complied, looking pleased with herself. She opened the door. Lucy reversed herself and Dinah to the door.

Lucy smiled thinly at Mandy, “Thank ya, sugar.” Then shot her dead. Using the shock she caused as a distraction,sShe pushed Dinah forward, slammed the door shut, then dropped the locking bars into place

Hyle was horrified. Ytte, no stranger to death grabbed Dinah and gave her to one of the guys to take away. Dinah was looking around herself, at Mandy’s body. Feeling herself the centre of attention, she giggled as the man lead her to the bus.

Hyle’s plan, her directive, was nobody should die, especially any of the girls. And now her plan had cost one girl her life. She felt the pang of guilt and it hurt.

I’ve been in there, there’s no way out.” Ytte shouted. “Hyle. What shall we do?”

Hyle looked around herself, All eyes were on her. She needed to snap out of her shock, Take charge.


Inside Lucy had her safe open and was stuffing a carpet bag with chips and the precious book. She was cursing Hyle Troy but then found herself laughing, “Stoopid candy ass bitch!”

Of course she had a way out, “Ever’ evil genius has a sikkert back door, Dun’t they?” Lucy tore down the bookshelf, exposing a hatchway to the ally behind Diamond Lil’s . “Jus’ gotta loosen this here panel, bust out a few loose bricks. An’ Lucy’s gonna ride off ter th’ sunset!”


Get that door down!” Hyle snapped, recovering her composure. Chuckles and two others weighed in with their sledgehammers.


Godammit!” Lucy cursed as the door began to splinter. She fired a few rounds into the wood.

Wish’n I made this damned hole a bit bigger… I ain’t no damned filly no more” She cursed. Lucy was struggling getting her ancient frame through the gap, especially in the decorative dress.

By the time the door caved in, Lucy was outside, leaning back in to grab the carpet bag. Ytte was first through the door, she dived to her left and Lucy’s gun roared. Chuckles followed, and grabbed Lucy’s bag, Lucy clung onto it, her feet desperately trying to find purchase to help her pull but Chuckles was far too strong.

Beside that, Lucy saw Ytte, now on her feet coming towards them, gun pointed at her. Lucy's innate sense of self preservation took over. She had to let go.


Ytte managed to get a few shots off through the hole But Lucy was gone, her car squealing away down the alley.

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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*Bad German accent* "... She'll be back."

((A bitter-sweet victory for Hyle, but the greater good was served I think. Interesting book you've got hold of, hmmm?

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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A partial victory.

Hyle, flanked by Ned toured the building. She remained mostly silent as they looked over Aunt Lucy’s former establishment. Her team had done a good job of destroying all useful edifices but enough remained to spell out pretty much what sort of things went on there. The ‘rooms’ were clean, that is to say the rooms where ‘business’ was carried out, except for the pervading smell of body odour and stale sex. These however were not the rooms that the girls lived in. No, those rooms were squalor itself.

The dampness, the piles of laundry. Sleeping space for five to a room. And drying costumes or underwear dangling like bats from clothes lines stretched from one wall to the other.

Ned kept his peace, listening to Hyle’s frequent sighing and the occasional muttered phrase in a language unknown to him.


Ned paused Hyle at the top of the stairs to the basement, well more aptly, dungeon.

Are you sure you want to go down there?”

Hyle nodded, “I need to have the full story if I have any hope of rehabilitating those girls, Ned.”

In the gloom, it was all as Hyle suspected. All manner of sadistic implements hung from hooks. Cages, chains, harnesses. A playground for the perverse, no doubt some kind of hell for the girls.

The one thing Hyle didn’t expect though was the room with lights and cameras.

And in one corner in a metal cabinet, stacked and labelled video tapes filled the shelves sharing their space with packages of Storm and whatever else that was needed to make even the most resistant girl amenable. Hyle turned to Ned.


Can I trust you to destroy everything in here? Every last thing.”

That I promise, Miss Troy.”


Hyle left Ned to his task and returned to Lucy’s office on shaking legs, stumbling on the stair at one point, not knowing if what she was feeling was anger, or hate, or revulsion, perhaps even nausea, probably a mixture of all of those things.



If Lucy Slater’s Marshals were anything, it was not loyal. One by one Hyle interviewed them in Lucy’s office, alongside the bar and casual staff. By the end of the session Hyle had a reasonable list of places where Slater could have gone to ground.

Perhaps the Marshals were expecting large quantities of pain and the anticipation of that loosened their tongues. But at the end of each interview Hyle merely paid their wage for the evening plus a small bonus for being roughed up by Joe’s boys. They were employees after all. Hyle was not there for vengeance. She had come for the girls and to put Lucy Slater out of business. Nothing more.

But the interviews added to Hyle’s overall picture of Diamond Lil’s.

She did add a little caveat. If they were considering continuing in their former profession, it would be a more than evens bet some of Joe’s boys may pay them a visit in the future.


Later, Hyle sat alone. From Slater’s not insignificant fortune, In addition to the wages she had paid out, Hyle set aside a sum for Joe’s not inconsiderable assistance in terms of manpower and logistics.

Another considerable sum she set aside for the orphanage, particularly for supporting recent leavers so that they did not fall into the clutches of another Slateresque group.

The rest, she earmarked for The Troy Foundation. The hostel and the clinic were going to be very busy in the next weeks and months dealing with Lucy Slater’s appalling legacy.

Which left the book. Hyle sighed and hesitated before opening it’s leatherbound cover.

It contained not just names, but detailed accounts and transactions. Who did what to whom, when and how much it cost, plus any extras. All there in finely handwritten detail.


There was a tap on the door. Hyle looked up to see Joe standing there. He crossed to the desk behind which Hyle sat. He just nodded once then simply said,

You look like shit.”


She got away then.”

Hyle simply sighed. She pointed at the pile of chips earmarked for Joe.

For services rendered.”

I dint’ ….”

Take it Joe. Do something useful with it, hmm?”


Oh and there’s this.” Hyle pushed the book across the desk.

“In the main it’s just ordinary lonely men wanting comfort. But there’s a few surprises. Do what you want with it. I don’t want to know.”


Joe went to light a cigar then stopped himself, putting it back in it’s case.


Hyle stood up, put her jacket on and gave a deep, tired sigh.



I did what I came to do, Aunt Lucy got away. A girl died. I’m going home.”

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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((The oasis of peace in the midst of chaos.

So enjoyed contributing to this :D

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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((  Yes, very enjoyable working with you on this, Joe   ... 

Ermm, why can't we just write simple stories?


I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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((Lol. Because between us we have created within FE our own world that is populated by a panoply of characters that intertwine with each other. Every story we write, either together or on our own, can't help but make that world bigger and deepen the relationships between our characters.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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