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Götterdämmerung. (part 10)

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Aunt Lucy looked the woman standing in front of her desk up and down, naturally cautious.

You want to block-book Diamond Lil’s for an entire evening, sugar?”

The woman nodded, her blonde hair was pulled back into a tight bun so tightly it gave her face a slightly severe aire. Add to that the pencil skirt, crisp white blouse and well tailored jacket, She looked the epitome of secretarial efficiency.

That is correct. The house and all shall we say, ‘amenities’ for five hours beginning at 21:00 the day after tomorrow. The syndicate I represent consists of seventeen gentlemen with very high standards. Now, would you accept our booking. Please?”

A faint look of mild disgust flashed across the woman’s face as she mentioned ‘amenities’ but Lucy figured that this prissy lil’ uptown bitch was probably in need of a good ‘plowin’ before her ass sealed up. Aunt Lucy sat back in her chair, rocking it onto its back legs.

“’Certainly a tasty prospect.. but how do I know you ain’t just chokin’ ma’ chain here?”

A thin smile creased the heavily powdered face, the woman clicked her fingers. The smart young man who had been standing quietly behind her stepped forward and placed a weighty bag of chips on the desk in front of Lucy


Thank you Theis. I think this should serve as an adequate deposit?”


Aunt Lucy rocked forward, reached for the bag and peered inside. The usual craggy poker face crumbled wide eyed for a second and Lucy felt a wonderful thrill deep inside. Then suppressed her feelings again.

We have an agreement then, Miss Lucy?”

Well ah recken’ we can shoehorn y’all in someways !” Lucy smiled. Best she could, at least.

Thank you. I am sure you will make my clients more than comfortable. Good day!”

Just before the two clients reached the door Lucy called after them.

Say sweetness. You got a name?”

The woman turned and smiled thinly. “You can call me Miss Skovlund,”


As soon as the door closed, Aunt Lucy grabbed the bag and tipped the chips into a large pile on her desk, she estimated the value, a girly giggle escaped from her lips.


Well damn me. Might even get me a new dress with this. Show them syndicaty Trav boys how things is done ‘round here.”


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((I see you've got the take on Aunt Lucy. Sorta like Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies, but with a murderous streak.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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Diamond Lil’s was a bit of a contradiction. The original building was designed as an Old West theme saloon, complete with batwing doors, a stage, an upstairs balcony that ran around three walls of the large bar area and everything was resplendent with gaudy Victorian decoration. Over the years since the Fall, a lot had changed with the introduction of things like slot machines, pole dancers, one of those dumb-ass glitter balls and loud, loud music. But Aunt Lucy did what she could to keep the olde-worlde atmosphere alive… including allowing occasional gunplay.

For all its character and random rowdiness, Lucy ran a tight ship. There were rules and Lucy made it quite plain. ‘Break the rules and I’ll break your balls’. She even had notices up to that effect. And to enforce these rules Lucy employed her ‘marshals’, complete with shiny silver star, who prevented the horseplay from becoming murderous. In the main that is.

An ordinary evening shift employed ten such marshals to look after the saloon area and the twenty four girls working upstairs. Four more marshals looked after what went on below ground.

Diamond Lil’s extensive cellars also took in the space that once belonged to the building that used to be next door. When that building collapsed decades ago it’s cellar survived and it was little effort to break through the adjoining wall and create large, often soundproofed, areas that catered for those of Lucy’s clientele with more exotic tastes.

Besides the marshals and the whores there were regular staff too. After all, someone had to clean up the blood and broken glass and all the other jobs required to keep the place functioning. Besides the three girls and one guy who were the regular dancing troupe (Lucy assumed it was a guy but he was one of those you couldn’t be sure about until it was in your hand), there were the half dozen bar staff, a couple of women in the kitchen and a half dozen kids who collected glasses and emptied spittoons.

Lucy sat in her office going over rosters and inventory. She had two days to get the place up to snuff and the last thing she wanted was to run out of booze or whores. Normally there were six girls who worked the day shift and four marshals. Well, a few strokes of Lucy’s pencil soon changed that. On the day of the Traveller party there would be no day shift, it was going to be all hands in come the evening.

She also pushed the boat out and ordered some decent booze. Spivey’s rotgut would definitely be back shelf for this visit. There was also going to be a ready supply of fashionable drugs too, which reminded Lucy, she needed to make sure all the girls were going to be ‘amenable’ to the needs of these important clients.

If things went well with this busload of bigwigs Lucy could see doors opening for her in the Traveller strongholds. A Diamond Lil’s in Trader Flat or Bankers Hole would not only be very profitable but would give her some all-important exposure to the faction royalty.

Lucy sat back in the high-backed rocker and let the motion and the lulling creak of the custom made chair bring a contented smile to her craggy face.

“Get this right old girl and you’ll end your days in rich enough to eat yer laying hens.”

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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