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The Future of Today - From One Crew to Another

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*Gunshots echo throughout the room* "Everybody on dey ground! This is a fockin' robbery! Listen to what I say and ye'll make it out alive!"

"What tay fuck did he just say motherfocker! Get tay fock' an the ground!"

*There would be more gunshots and of course screaming from the civilians*

"Remember to keep the civi's alive, no innocent bloodshed."


I didn't choose this life, it was forced onto me by my father.
I remember leaving that bank with around 100 yellow chips. No hassle involved, get in - get out. Done.



Chapter 1 - From One Crew to Another

I woke up once again in the middle of the night, but in the desert in a small campground with Desmond cooking some Prairie chicken up and Branna was sharpening her knife with a wet stone. I rubbed the crust out of my eyes and squinted as my vision adjusted to the campfire light.

"Bad dream?" Desmond asked with a small smirk as he turned the steak over with his machete, letting it cook on the makeshift grill he made above the campfire.

"Aye...Just a wee bit..." I said as I scratched the back of my head and looked at Branna.

Desmond and Branna are a good crew. I don't exactly remember how us three started working together but I know it was along family business meetings.

Desmond was the driver and tech expert, I suppose you could say. He would gather the tech stuff we needed for heists and he'd be the one to disable any electronics or anything techy. He's the type o' guy who likes to keep things in line and make sure we're okay all the way through the end. He doesn't wanna lose any profit so he makes sure he does his job right.

Branna is ironically enough, the muscle of our team. You want someone intimidated or shot point blank? She's your lass. Don't fock around with her and she won't fock around with you. A deadly one, she is. She's clearly come a long way and has experienced certain things that'd fock someone up in the head just a wee bit. Which explains her violent behavior towards certain individuals and situations but she is thorough during jobs.

We had a new job incoming. One of my clients among the Trav's was gonna pay twenty red to each of us for killing a man by the name of Roman Zion. Who had apparently been feeding info to the Union about the robberies that I'd done and the drug deals. My client explained that Roman would be in Flagstaff for another meeting with a Union Officer. Desmond, Branna and I quickly got our gear ready and headed for Flagstaff.

It hadn't been long since we made it into Flagstaff. Desmond rolled up on the old Fire Station and we saw a shady guy standing in the street. Full white suit an all; and the minute he saw us slowly roll up, he made a run for it. 

"That's our guy!" I said and jumped out of the car, Branna getting out of her car and running ahead of me as he reached into Desmond's glove compartment for my Colt M1911. I followed Branna and Desmond stayed in the car until we gave him the signal to pick us up. After running through a bunch of alleys with trash cans tossed on the ground (Obviously Roman trying to slow us down while we chased him), I had lost sight of him but Branna had put a bullet in his arm and then lost sight of him as well. Branna was good at tracking people so she started to quietly lurk the area. We weren't far from the old NFPD Station. I could see the sun was slowly going down under the horizon line, my M1911's slider was reflecting the sun's pinkish-orange rays. I squinted from the reflection and then looked over to Branna, she cocked her head towards the blood trail leading towards the police station.

"C'mon, he's in here." she said as I looked around and then pulled back the slider of my handgun to assure there wasn't an empty case in there but then proceeded to follow her inside. She kicked open the glass door and surprisingly it didn't shatter, it was violently kicked open and she aimed down her shotgun's sight. I had my hands on my handgun as we proceeded to search the station thoroughly. I was making my way into the interrogation room slowly when I saw that fockin' bastard running towards the exit behind me, I fired two rounds at his leg and lemmie tell ya...Wasn't pretty. Branna bolted up over to me and Desmond spoke on the radio "Gunshots?" he asked as I then replied "It's me, we got the focker, hai" Branna walked past me and hit Roman in the back of the head with the butt of her gun as he was then knocked unconscious. She dragged him out to the front as Desmond pulled up in his car. I helped Branna put Roman into the trunk then closed it, her shotgun shouldered. I hopped in the passenger seat next to Desmond and Branna got in her own car as we drove out of the city and into Credit Bend.

During the car ride, I took it upon myself to draw Desmond since it was the right time o' day for shading an all.


Right, so after finding a nice empty room to bring Roman into, we woke him up and set him on his knees. My client unsheathed his machete and started slowly grazing Roman's prickly haired neck. "We gotta make a point. If we let everyone step on our toes, we'll just look weak and unable to deal with shit." they said as they removed the large blade away from Roman's neck.

I looked at Desmond dead in the eyes then looked over to Branna who was keeping a serious face but at the same time gazing her surroundings. She's pretty vigilant that way. I knew at this point Roman wasn't gonna live and I just accepted it. Desmond turned on his radio and spoke a few words into it, speaking to my father about what was happening.

A few moments passed as my client brought the blade to the back of Roman's neck and in one swift motion of winding the machete back, They took Roman's head off with a clean cut. I took a step back just before the head came off because I didn't want blood spats on my suit.

I breathed heavily and sighed as I went to sit outside. I looked over to Branna who had done the same, and she seemed to have been looking at me. I can tell just looking in her eyes she just wanted me to draw her. She did have a nice posture and good facial expression though. So I decided to accept what she wanted. Took me a good bit of time to draw but after an hour and a half? I had surprisingly finished it.


I think I'm getting better at drawing over time? I like this hobby, keeps part of my sanity at bay. I will be releasing some anger later though, I can feel it stacking up in me and I dunno' who's gonna get hurt but I know someone will. It won't be a quick bullet either.

Desmond walked up to me and set his hand on my shoulder as he had a cigar in his mouth, puffing smoke into the cold air. I looked upwards at him since I was sitting down and he was standing up behind me. He nodded forward in Branna's direction as he looked at her and spoke "When you gonna actually talk to her alone, man?" he asked as another puff of smoke came from his mouth.

I seemed rather dull about the thought at the time, then replied to him "What'd you mean, pal?". He chuckled at my answer and said "You haven't noticed the way she looks at you? She likes you, bro. Go make a move before someone else does." he said before taking the cigar out of his mouth and once again blowing a thick trail of smoke. I was somewhat shocked at his words and a bit thoughtless but I answered with "I've already got a lass in mind, pal. She'd have tay find someone else, hai." He chuckled for a few moments and then shook his head as he took another long drag from his cigar and let the smoke and smell flow in the air. I was starting to pick up on the particular scent of that tobacco. "Casa Fernandez Miami...Reserva Maduro..." I said with a small smirk.

He looked down at me and grinned as he stuck the cigar back between his lips and held the cigar steady with his teeth as he spoke "Yep...You smoke em?" he asked, I shook my head and said "Naw' jus' know the smell." he nodded and gave me another pat on the shoulder before walking away behind me. I looked back forward at Branna who was no longer day dreaming as I pondered on what I was just told. I made my answer firm and clear however.

I stuck the pencil sideways between my teeth as I started packing up my stuff. I took the pencil from between my teeth and put it in my bag as well. I put my bag over my shoulders and we started to head out. I gave a quick glance back behind me through the motel window to see Roman's decapitated corpse still there, the brown dirt soaked up in his blood.

I entered the passenger seat of the car again as Desmond turned on the ignition. We drove out and I fell asleep with my head against the window.


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Not bad! :P

Honestly though, its a solid story and I personally like the art added to the post

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