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The Fury

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Red is what she saw.

Red is the color of Fury

She mounted blades and spikes on her vehicle as and named it Vengence.

Red is the color of Revenge.




The same color that poured from between the young girls pale thighs and bare slit throat.

Blood mingled with mud and became black, like the sky.

A new storm swept to the unsuspecting camp of men, smug with their recent debauchery.

The wind howled and a bone chilling scream poured forth from a skull like a demented banshee and soon followed by a fierce warcry. 


Lightening swift steel bit through sinew and bone.

Once again ..she was a warrior.

Red is the color of CHOTA.


She left them stunned and broken but the last of them came upon her after she had spent her last.

Now it was her warmth that spilled out into the slippery cold.

Limbs feeling like stone, her body struggled for the next heartbeat and breath.

The Fury laughed but it sounded more like an obsene gurgle, thick with foaming blood.

"I sure hope there isn't a clone hell" She mumbled in her mind, finding it odd that as cold as she was there was no shivering.

The lack of nanites and lifenets familar touch gave her a hollow feeling that was unexpected.

Her DNA had degraded too much over the vast years yet she had stopped caring, until now.


Morbid musing were interupted by the sound of gunfire, and squooshy footsteps trudging through the mud, coming closer.

An arm wrapped around her waist and flipped her over to dangle across a well muscled arm, through fading vision she saw her own feet and long crimson dredlocks but more importantly, felt the distinct buldge of male anatomy as she was braced from behind.

"Wait just one damn minute .. that ...bulge.. is familiar!" She tried to say but the sound came out wet and garbled and stopped by a horrific jab.

A long syringe was inserted into the back of her neck, through her collar and then between vertebrae sending liquid pain coursing through every cell of her being.

Red is the color of pain.

She felt her body lift into the air and her head flop onto a mans shoulder and heard Tanner Comptons baratone and panty dropping voice...

"Hey Gorgeous, you are one hard lady to find."



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Just a boy making his way around the wasteland!


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Soo....is Tanner back in FE?

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...Dyin' time's here.

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((Yep :D

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I have been playing again for about a month now. Not sure how long I'll stick around though RL is griefing me :P

Miss ya buddy.

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(I understand that RL griefing my friend :)  I'll try to hop in game soon if nothing more than to say hey...take care man.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...Dyin' time's here.

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(( I want Tom Waits to read this post alound in his raspy voice. ))

- this comment was brought to you by Oilville Primo™ -

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I missed ya gorgeous! I'll always give my blood for you. Always have and always will.

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