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Funky Funkgerät

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Veronica got out of the buggy and looked up toward the sign.

'LIFENET Making Eternal Life Affordable Cheap'

A joke? A protest? What of clones? Are they cheap?

Veronica shrugged. Not cheap but affordable and she was getting paid by someone called Kaylee to do this job. Repair the antenna she said, on the roof of the bunker.

Was this the right bunker? Veronica stood back and looked up. Yes, above she could just see the antenna. This bunker in inhabited she was told. Whoever they are must be inside. Veronica walked to the door and entered.

There was always something a little creepy about bunkers like these. Veronica shuddered then felt a little foolish. She walked to the inner doors leading down into the bunker. However the doors did not open.

Veronica tried pushing them but no movement. She ran a finger down the line between them. Strange. The doors were sealed shut. She knocked on the doors. Nothing. She knocked again.

'Hallo? Anyone there?'

Nothing. No sounds.

She tried pushing the doors again. No movement. Then she saw some sort of electrical panel with a microphone.

'Anyone there?' she said into the microphone.

No response.

Veronica looked closer. There were two wires hanging from the microphone. Was it broken? She held the two wires and moved them together. Perhaps if she joined the wires together it will...

She heard a crackle of static from a speaker in the panel. She leaned to the microphone and spoke again.

'I cannot open this door. I see a microphone here. Is it working? Can you hear me?'

Nothing. Or was that a sound? Footsteps? She spoke again.

'I am here to repair the antenna. Someone in New Flagstaff sent me. I am told the Antenna is on the roof and there is a ladder. I am Veronica, Veronica Volt. Anyone there?'

Footstep. Certainly footstep. A crackle of static then a voice. A man.

'Oh howdy there Miss Veronica, it was you who Kaylee found?'

'Yes,' Veronica said relaxing a little now. 'Kaylee said the antenna needs repair.'

'Umm yes,' responded the voice. 'I know not what is the problem but i suspect the transmitter is the problem, as i can hear others and they just get static patterns from me. There was one rough sandstorm though.'

'I will go look and see what i need to do,' Veronica said.

'I appreciate it, please do not hesitate to ask anything else,' said the voice. 'Im really curious what happened.'

Veronica returned to her buggy, removed a small rucksack of tools from the luggage space and then went in search of the Ladder.

Three time she walked around the bunker before she found the ladder. A gray ladder attached to the gray wall, on which were gray things near something gray. Not so easy to see. She tugged the ladder, it seemed strongly stuck. She put the rucksack on her back and stepped on the ladder. It did not fall from the bunker wall. That was good. She walked another step, and the next. Kaylee had said the ladder was slippery but it was okay just a little-

Veronica squealed as her feet slipped out from the ladder step. She held on tightly. Her feet danced air trying to find something solid. Eventually they found the ladder step again. Yes, Kaylee was right, slippery. Very slippery. Veronica made her way to the roof. Carefully. Very carefully.

On the roof she stood a moment to breathe deeply with the relief of reaching the top without falling. She looked out. The view was amazing. Barren, dry, dusty but still amazing. Was that Spider Hill over there? Or Oasis? No spiders up here! Veronica smiled. Or can they climb walls? Veronica frowned. No, not this high. Veronica smiled. Was it high enough? The smiled faded.

The antenna looked strange, leaning over. Rather like the man in the Black Beer Bar in Hope who always wanted just one more drink. Perhaps it was directed to something? No. Someone or something had knocked against it. There was sand on it. The sandstorm, the voice mentioned? It was damaged. The transmitter panel hanging away and wires loose. Veronica moved the rucksack from her back, removed some tools and began to work.

Push. Pull. Turn. Reconnect. Adjust.

Veronica paused and looked at the sky. Good place for viewing a storm she thought. Not one with sand, but one with lightning, thunder, electricity. She returned to her work.

Adjust. Disconnect. Turn. Pull. Push.

Eventually the repair was complete. Electrons flow again. Voices will be heard again.

Veronica stood at the top of the ladder. She will be careful. Each step slow and careful. No problem. She lifted a foot then put it back down. What if she slipped again? What if she fell? She could break her legs and be on the ground with the creepers, the spiders... But if she did not go down, she would have to live on the roof. What would she eat? What if there were spiders up here? She quickly descended the ladder.

'Hello again Miss Veronica, it is done already? Guess thats why people call you when somethings broken, am i right?'

Veronica leaned to the microphone at the sealed door. 'Yes, i think it will work now.'

'I will go and check. Real quick," said the voice. Veronica heard someone run down steps. A few minutes later she heard someone run back up the steps. 'It is perfect, thank you so much. I am counting my last days here, i will be sure to find a way to return the favour and compensate your time here.'

'Thank you Mr... err... Sir. Umm... good bye' Veronica said unsure how to respond. She wandered back outside and returned the rucksack to the luggage space of the buggy. She looked around a moment then entered the buggy and drove away.

At the bunker wall a spider, who wandered a little far from Spider Hill, began to climb the wall. It climbed almost a Meter before it fell off.


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((spiders...ughh... too many eyes and legs. Good read and thanks for icly helping out, i appreciate it. ))

Relax.....i'm a doctor.

Im feeling n' sharing, im healing n' caring.

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In a post apocalypse world, in a desert wasteland inhabited by psychos, murderers, rapists and all kinds of monsters you can get an electrician to come to your door within 24 hours. So why does it take me ringing half the numbers in the yellow pages and searching on the internet for half an hour to find one who can possibly fit you in some time next month? Oh yes, nice read btw :)

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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