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I take one look at this place and... yeah... I won't like it here. This place is anti-me. Anti-everything. 

All the thrill rides, the rust-eaten Ferris wheel, the sad brontosaurus model, the faded carousel with broken mirrors poking out like rotten, jagged teeth - they spell "decay" on the most intimate level. What kind of creatures dwell here? When I sneaked past the guards I've discovered that on the inside, Fracture is even worse than on the outside. What is the use for those guards anyway? I admit it, it made me chuckle, thinking of at all the idealistic, hippie, dreamy-eyed suckers that probably came here to hear the noble message these enlightened "Children of the Apocalypse" have for them, only to discover this dirty hell, littered with washed down battle-drug addicts, body-piercing aficionados and simple madman. 

That's anarchy, baby. And you are not ready for it. Even the guys that live here were never ready for it. It shattered their minds, but their bodies were too tough and somehow they survived the eye-opening realization that nothing good will ever come out of this place. "This place" being planet Earth in general.

I haven't come to Fracture to mingle with the caustic locals or eat suspicious kebabs, but to close a deal with my mysterious fixer. He always chooses the best locations for our business meetings. I arrived an hour earlier, but even with the doomed, poetic sunset, this place offered no fun. The theme park advertisements are a lie. Fracture is just that: a wound, a scar on the fabric of Pre-Fall reality... with something ugly peeking through the gap.


I shivered and lit a cigarette. First one in my life.



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Very evocative. When I was a kid I used to love exploring old and disused industrial sites, Docks, railways, factories. Abandonment and neglect have a distinct metallic/oily smell that got my heart racing, especially on a sunbaked afternoon, still does actually. Oh the adventures wee had amongs the rust and peeling paint. Well worth the occaisional tetanus injection.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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MYBE disneyland not Fracture............. om mybe , just mybe u need to log in and go lookie. no dinosaur in fracture u can get ur palms read ...........om and that  FERRIS WHEEL is in stalkers by the way! u WANT to bad mouth my people mybe ,just mybe come meet me there and we will discuss in REAL rp , just mybe I glanzed over that brontausaurs rust buckhet , mybe I NEED TO GO AGAIN AND LOOKIE fur. om.... I was in picas flats the other PITS, felt kinda same way but I was there.

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( Engel's point exactly! )

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