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Foot Fools in the Shadows

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Veronica and Sharky stood outside the cave looking at the enterance.

'This is it,' Sharky said. 'The home of a huge Sasquatch.'

'The cave looks like a throat,' Veronica said.

'With a huge hand on top of it,' Sharky added. 'See, it even has a thumb.'

'Yes, You are right!' Veronica responded seeing it also.

'A big hand for a big foot,' Sharky chuckled.

'And a big throat,' Veronica added.

'But is it deep?' Sharky said quietly.

They entered the cave and began to walking in deeper. The strange glow of crystals in the rock added to the adventure. It went deep as Sharky said, it was a few minutes before the tunnel opened into a huge cave. Within was the Sasquatch scratching at the dust in the floor.

'It is huge!' Veronica said to Sharky in the shadows.

'You have to step on his big feet a lot to injure him,' Sharky said.

'He looks so big, can he get out of the cave?' Veronica asked.

'I think he would have to, so to find something to eat,' answered Sharky. 'Unless he eats rocks.'

'Wait... it is not a tall man with a furry suit, is it?' Veronica asked. 'I heard sometime before it was.'

'Maybe you should ask.'

'You ask first.'

'You are better with people.'

'Hallo Mr Sasquatch! ' Veronica suddenly called out. 'You look... big... today.'

The sasquatch suddenly stopped what it was doing and looked around before finally returning to scratching at the ground.

'He is probably wondering where the voice came from. You should go into the light,' Sharky suggested.

'Why is he writing on the floor?'

'Perhaps he lost something.'

'They are huge feet! Where does he find shoes?'

'His feet just get bigger and bigger...' Sharky waved his hand near his nose. 'Obviously he never found a shower.'

'Oh is that what that is?' Veronica said. 'I thought it was you.'

'I am never eating Hyles NikNaks again.'

'Look!' quietly screamed Veronica. 'He is scratching his behind! Perhaps he is a man in costume!'

Sharky pulled from his pocket a scrap of paper and a piece of coal. 'Hmm... idea'

'What is the idea?'

'Here, take this,' Sharky said giving Veronica the paper and coal. 'I will distract Sassy. You make a rubbing of the what he wrote on the ground.'

'Err...okay,' Veronica said not quite sure of the idea.

'I will run around ,' Sharky explained. 'Yell to me when you are done and we can go out and read it.'

Veronica was about to ask a question but Sharky had started to count down.

'Three... Two... One... Go!'

They ran out from the shadows. Sharky shouted and waved arms and the Sasquatch started to chase him as he ran around. Veronica ran to where the Sasquatch was scratching on the ground, layed the paper and rubbed it with the coal. A few seconds later one exhausted Sharky shouted 'To the exit!' They both ran.

The Sasquatch eventually turned back and Veronica and Sharky ran outside. After catching breathe, Veronica looked at the paper. Just some lines and dusty shapes she saw. 'Give me the paper,' Sharky said. 'Let see what it says.' Veronica gave the paper to Sharky who studied it, then removed his sunglasses, then studied it again making various strange face expressions.

'Hmm...yes...yes...' Sharky muttered.

'What is it?' Veronica asked. 'What does it read?'

Sharky looked up at Veronica and said 'Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.'

Veronica looked confused.

'It is signed Calvin,' Sharky added.

Calvin? The temperatur man? Veronica thought.

'Maybe it is the name of the guy in the bigfoot suit,' Sharky said before chuckling.

Veronica was confused. Sharky was amused.


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*Shuuders at the mention of NikNaks* Awwww Cuddles. He's a really good listener... and he never tells your secrets.

Erm................ Oops?

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