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Flash light PUT IT down iLONAH

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           https://youtu.be/8pG95lZFn3o                                                                                    10:42 PM 2/2/2015 I ,mine, almost []][ru] are you  getting there yet ?  Tis Mostlys time , quite  yes .....shes enigma U lust so .... before dawns Light..SHES FADES already Blayze so lot of em like that [ oc ]....> JOY   think dave  murdered? JOY, giver of,  ........the clone subconscious lover of,,,,,,,,,,,,,  every  hate U noth  KNOW now     So much yes.now too, MYBE UR  ,other world  otherdave? " U MAY WANT TO BUT U CANT" see   ...?I no more.  No moreME imagine me  like,. before    lol spin u like before? Lol thank em     Dave ur no nay ....       ,NO WHERE u CAN SEE RaveN. ME imagine me . Please  Light thru black    where? thru telepathy just image one    NOTH ,NO  WHERE " U MAY WANT TObe_BUT  INSIDE ME CLIMAX DEAD IN A wastelandMEfuckland   BUT U CANT" DAVE NOTH?             NOTH ,New OTHEREnew other where?  OUTSIDE ur window ur vi  fLAsh....  view  I lill eyes wide ONCE u  GAZE DOWN  u  see            u cant stEp in or near_here.........    lLoco noco ,nO ? Step off     SProut ,        her eyeshe sees....... yes first iU need  me  right noth?   hey u  pass  the bones .,//////areUalmost there yet ?Imine almost there yet. Gaze down GAZE DOWN   yes before dawn          No more like,....u before u like before   Noth ,NOWHERE if  u CANt imagine and ****  me in the other place if u wish cLONED?    NOTH ,New OTHERE new other where?   then where? eyes wide OPEN  we ****  into u CAN SEE ME imagine menear_here......... as Dave saw HER  , her eyeshe sees.......HER SPOT, yes first iU need  me  right noth  to seelike a Raven  yesherso fly fast u,  hey u ////// up the steps areUalmost there yet ?Imine almost there yet Gaze down  i imagine things u like who u mybe they all come back to me eh C."10:52 AM 2/5/2015 ,mybe there is a consciousness .........mmmmmm and maybe its ur birthday today lol noth  June 15 .......... mmmmmmmm just numb  again ?/ 4:06 AM 3/8/2015 4:32 AM 3/8/2015 /https://youtu.be/SiHdtmXr0jc shout inbreed ferps shout it out Like Hey Joe?

 https://yoShadow People are some sort of other-dimensional beings whose dimension of origin occasionally overlaps with ours. Artist Unknown:utu.bLilith 2 1979e/6moptQSP7NELady Death Bones by Jeffach


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blast / "...below your words, above your thoughts, the silence of another world waits."
 John O'Donohue .......   light          smolderin e them,  held to sun ..  can stand in the way of what I call nonbody write hell    we turn  over mmmm side by sidelight,firelight fAllen.can still be, o puff  a huff beneath the overpasstwo misfunctionin side by side / turn me offout  loose........ /joy overhate herfucker fuck heregladly dead  UR REPEATING
What are little girls made of?   killin
 And everything nice, SPELLbroken
 [Ilight ] ^^
  hum u excite me  caress me
me/ You seem to" Want to TOO''? Dave ?not theredave two ts "too two what two at the same time YES I answer we r TWO nottheredave WE R TWO ,/ula la baby oh yes  we do this are we we r / in ihere  Wherer Are  u we going"? into his hell burnt our insides out/ we can still be, o puff  a huff beneath  2 wired two misfunctionin side by side                     animals r ,,,
 can do it thru telepathy....   Kill thru   darling love halo  before after;loverhate herfucker fuck heregladly dead
spell  revive/ Spin my baby yes on me moans just blood To [Ilonah] ula la baby oh yes Yes way toward the bridge  Evil  so much yes.now ...iLonah. Queen of light, fAllen..    Evil  so much yes.now  ....born i AM urS  /  No need to hurry this night.
 - DanteSkull. °:https://youtu.be/VFF-Iz1J9hE     https://youtu.be/ByPsaHF-0c4

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