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Finding the lost. (part 3)

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Taiyo sat listening to Canni breath.  It was deep and steady indicating she was in full REM sleep.  Something triggered a primal sense, causing Taiyo to open her eyes.  A tall, dark haired woman stood in the door.  Tayio was impressed with the woman’s skill, and noted to try to find out more about her and where she was trained.

Standing slowly and placing her hands behind her back, Taiyo addressed the stranger.  “Greetings. Please do not disturb the youth, as she need time to recover enough to be moved.  Please indicate if you mean harm or not to her.”


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Jeassiah hesitatated for the breifest of moments, cursing inwardly at herself when the other woman spoke, surprising her as she'd not fully been focused as soon as she'd stepped into the car wash. She instinctively set the butt of the shot gun to her should and had it half raised before she took a moment to focus to just beyoind the woman and had anotehr shock, seeing Canni laying upon some sort of travel cot, and from what she could tell, sleeping, though from what Jeass also know of the young woman, sleeping in a situation like this would be something she'd also likely not do.

She narrowed her eyes behind her dark shades upon the other woman who'd by now had risen fully to her feet, and though Jeass would guess she seems totally calm something about how she moved sparked a warning in her to keep some ditance and not turn her back on this one for a moment until she knew for certain what was going on. She used her thumb to cock back th twin hammes of the shot just as a precaution as well before speaking in a releatively soft tone, "Whom are yee an` what have yee done wit de Canni girl?"

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Taiyo noted her stance, and kept her position.  "My name is Taiyo, I am the medic with a group known as the Law Dogs.  I am here to care for the child, as she seems to have let an infection in her leg fester to the point of almost gangrenous levels."

Moving so she did not obstruct the view of Canni, but still keeping between the woman and the child she continued.  Her hands still hidden beheld her back.  “As you can see, she is breathing and unharmed.  She is sedated while the Nanites clean and repair her leg.  I have no intention on detaining or harming her in any way.”

Moving back to a more protective position, Taiyo finished. “Now may I ask who you are and what your interest in the child is.”

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