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Finding the lost. (Part 2)

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Bubba was gone by the time Taiyo arrived.  The bike she rode was the first thing that stood out.  It was quite and sleek, an unusual thing in a world where loud and large were the norm.  The armor she wore hid her form behind shades of gold and yellow that matched the mask protecting her face as well as her bike.  

Canni’s bike was gone, presumably taken for repair by a local.  The trail was not hard to follow however after a little searching.  It led to the back of the dinner, where the remains of a meal were, then it led off into town.

Taiyo followed the trail to a broken trailer, which clearly served as a hovel of some kind.  The trail led from there to a nearby building.

She found Canni huddled in a shallow tray filled with water and who knows what else. It didn’t take any training for the Medical Clone to see what the immediate issue was.  Canni’s leg was infected, and on the verge of moving into gangrene.  

Taiyo moved without a sound, pulling various vials and loading two medical injectors from her pack.  Once she was happy with her selection she cautiously approached Canni, watching for movement from the youth, and well as the Shotgun she had clutched in her hands.  Taiyo knew she would need to inject both at the same time in two separate locations, but the action would leave her open to attack.

Injecting the sedative would simply need to be a major muscle area, however the Antibiotic/Nantes would require injecting directly into a major artery.

Taiyo steps up and aims both injectors, saying a prayer to the universe she pulls both triggers at the exact same time...


To Be Continued...


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Canni howls with a combination of fear and rage.. forgetting about the water as she seeks something to strike out at, surprised at being splashed and wet.

Too close, she feels movement much too near for even a her shotgun to be effective.. the water distracting.

Canni looks downwards and sees one syringe sticking out of the side of her rump and the other in the crease where her infected leg connects to her pelvis.

The skin around her skull tightening, teeth bared and eager to sink into flesh she lunges in the direction she felt movement with a singlular motivation fueled by primal instincts .. to rend and rip into the tender meat of her attacker.

But then everything went dark and quiet, and nothing felt very important anymore. 

The pink stuffed toy lay damp and limp as it clung to her by a leather strap. 

One minute your calm, the next your shooting someone in the face, then your doing your chickendance. If that is not chaos I dont know what is - Aiid

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Taiyo makes sure Canni's head is out of the water and not in danger of falling in, then sits back and breaths again.  She knew the child was feral in nature and of her past.  However nothing could prepare her for what it was like to witness first hand.

After resting for a moment she assessed that no injuries were incurred, and that the wet she felt was indeed just water, and not blood.  Quickly Taiyo set up for the next phase.  She then proceeded to remove the needles and the move Canni out of the water.  With care she placed the youth on a clean dry makeshift bed, covering her in a spare blanket.  Canni’s head rested on a pillow.  Last Taiyo set the stuffed animal in her arms after it had dried a bit, and let her rest. 

Once Canni was safe and comfortable, Taiyo sat in a lotus position and set herself in a meditative state.  She hummed softly and waited.

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((Now that's what I'm talking about! :D

Loving this.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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The waifs inert form lay small and still beneath the blanket. aside from the shallow yet steady breaths that moved her boney chest and the rapid flickering beneath closed, crusty eyelids, not the slightest of motions could be seen.

Being exposed to the water had cleared away much of the usual grime that covered the childs face, exposing a smattering of freckles, chasing each other across the bridge of slightly upturned rounded nose and sallow cheeks. Her face belonging to someone unrelated to the animalistic fury from earlier. She looked like nothing more then a sick, sleeping child.

Canni's greatly prized, high powered shotgun that she had clung to fell with a heavy metalic clang to the ground when her muscles went flaccid, no longer receiving instructions as her body used all its resources to fight the massive infection.

Tumbling into a deep, unresponsive sleep, she felt as if she was falling into a deep well, like Alice, when she chased after that very late rabbit.

Little did she know wildly disruptive dreams would drop her smack into a bizarre world that definately was not the wonderland so many of her adult caretakers had described from the storybooks.


One minute your calm, the next your shooting someone in the face, then your doing your chickendance. If that is not chaos I dont know what is - Aiid

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Some one was using the car wash, thats what Jeass was thinking when she heard the machinery start to work, the water rushing through the pipes was something hardly anyone could really miss, especially since it was so rarely used and poorly mantained. Not to mention it was also one of the 'back' ways into the building she'd been calling home for the most part.

She quickly looked around for something useful in case it was some one that should be greeted with the Unwelcome Wagon and finally her eyes came upon the massive Fox Savage resting in the corner of the loft. It was one of the very few weapons that didn't make it to Hyles office with nearly all the ther guns she'd had present in Hope. She tk a deep breath and was fairly certain that Wman wuld hear abut Her carrying a gun penly again and give her more shit abut it she thought to herself.

Still, Jeassaih grabbed the lng weapon and broke open the breach to check its loadout before she went down stairs to find otu what was going on. Taking note the rounds were not the anti personal types had her sigh again, but she didnt think there was going to be much time to hunt something else down before turning on her heel and heading down stairs from the loft as quietly as she could to go see what was going on in her buiding.

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