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Faux Hole Jewel

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fuck hers HE does fucks em awayrNO kill joy   yes em bones out AWAY  created EVERYTHING losses ONE TO ANOTHERt the same as wuz before telepathy stain me taint me? [IC] "Noth ?"CLarissa thru telepathy noth stops the axing away at the pile AND gasps for  breath" huff huffer dont " Dave winks and blinks and responds almost automatically oh hell yes telephatically to QUESTIONS asked CLARRISSA TOO she doees too also, " Ur thinking to urself NOTH . ANSERING ME this is good so DAVE here again so DAVE here again PAUSE OC so sick so tired so slowly fading... "So u can feel that NOTH? WHAT? DAVE ANSWERS what ............. yeah i am dave thinks [oc] yeah way here in the other place i think i am  Yes YES YES DISENGAGED  MMM think more just more and more and i think i coulc kuld go on for days telling more i think" LIES?" Davey CLAEEISSA/RISA oh u suffered something in real , in the other place YES I GUESSand similar to a stroke clarissa butts in No feed ...u weak dave nothere !das sad sad over wlming ? yES TO GO .. "Go where dave noth " ACCUSATIONS  SHIT dave thinks evil? mmmmmmmm a Trip dave thinks  This must be some kind off sad bad frightening trip ive awakened from , "u too CLARRISSa , and u wokOk. What the f...?:e too and,"whats with the accusations  fade aways [OC] FUCK DAVE  they deserve explain from u ? yES? NOTH or nothere WHAT R U DOIN HERE? jumble mubbled mess among bones NOTHERE Dave  hear me             https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3f2owhotAW8&feature=player_detailpage   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OrhayNGmQg&feature=player_detailpage

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