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Family reunions - loose ties

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Hanne Berg sat on the stool at the end of the bar in Trader Flats.  She rotated the half full glass of now well-past-room-temperature beer once more on its place mat. Hanne hated waiting around in bars, a woman alone in a bar is attracts all manner of low-life and no-hoper men wanting to 'buy her a drink'.

Hanne smirked to herself. At least she had inherited her fathers cold steel nordic eyes. Her well practiced cold-stare could stop even the most ardent bar-pest in his tracks.

But Hanne was not propping the end of the bar up for social reasons. She was here for a small family reunion.

Kosheen's call had woken her up early that morning. Hanne was tired as she had not much sleep the preceding night. The tousled head of the young man lying next to her in the bed explained why. He still was sleeping the sleep of the Just..... well, maybe the 'just after'.  Hanne rolled herself away from last night's 'plaything'  and took the call.

Apparently, Kosheen had been talking to Silja. Kosheen explained that at that moment, Hanne's elusive sibling was standing mere tens of metres away. 

Hanne closed her eyes and heaved a big sigh, she was in Trader Flats, Silja was in South Burb, a full three hours drive away. 

   " Can you keep her there until this evening?  I can't get there before that....  I mean  keep her there but without hurting her .. At all ,  clear? "

Actually Kosheens suggestion was a better one. to send Silja to Trader Flats on a purported courier job. Silja had already volunteered the fact that she was "The bestest anna fasterestest coo-rear inna Profferinse". Kosheen would give Silja a job to deliver a package, and therefore herself to the bar in Trader Flats. Hanne knew Silja would take the job, her teenage willfullness would never keep her out of scrapes, not to mention her passion for chips.. or anything shiny for that matter.

Between them, Kosheen and Hanne hatched the plot. As they discussed the finer points, Tousle Head woke up and tugged Hanne's naked form back towards him.

   " Come back to bed baby... hmm?"

Hanne interupted her discussion with Kosheen for a moment. Clearly Tousle Head had enjoyed his evening, had woken all 'morning glory' and wanted to continue his  erotic adventure, Hanne flung the reaching arm to one side.

   " Shut up and get out ! "

Hanne heared Kosheen giggling  at the other end.  Tousle Head, crestfallen and other things fallen went to dress... in the bathroom..  Hanne humphed, she was done with him.

Some thirty minutes later, Kosheen again called, confirming Silja was on her way North. Hanne dressed, then called her Poppa. She would be bringing her sister home.

to be continued.....

((  I never save chats unless really needed, so the tale may deviate from the RP. The next part will follow as if I continue now this will become a book))


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(( haha, Thankyou for the RP and great to read this storyline as it continues on. To be honest I wasnt sure if i would ever see you again after our first late night encounter. #takingnames&kickingtimezones ^^ ))

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Nice to see you writing :D

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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