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Family Reunion: Part 2

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The growl that came from Abyss rumbled deep and was a sound that fit better in a dark forest, rather than coming from a human. “How do you know that name?”

Synn continued his impish grin and shrugged, “I know more than you think.  You may deal in death and destruction, but I deal in information.  I know about your capture, I know about your release.  I know about your little flower girl, and I know about the trail of bloody bodies you have left behind in your search.” 

Synn’s smile faded, “You will stop your search immediately, or I will make you wish you were simply stuck in the sleep chamber I let you out of.”

“You little shit, if you… “A simple wave of the hand stop Abyss’s response to the open threat.   Synn continued after a moment.  “You know better my Brother.  Since we were created you have been a force of destruction, a mix of TNT and pure rage.  As much as your physical abilities were enhanced, my mental ones were.  You may rip a persons body apart, but I can peel their mind open layer by layer.

Synn dropped his hand and Abyss finally moved, the look on his face revealed that he agreed with what Synn was saying.  " We save each other my Brother.  Our being Twins was viewed as a anomaly to be researched, but we are two halves of the same coin.  If not for me you would have self-destructed long ago, and if not for you I would still be stuck in that lab.  I remember the labs, the experiments, being treated like a piece of useless meat.  You will have your vengeance, but we do this MY way.” 

Synn’s face shifted to one of compassion, revealing the care he had for the large CHOTA.  Then the impish smile returned and the weakness was hidden again.  “Your methods, though effective, have a fundamental flaw.  People will say anything they think will stop the pain and suffering.  That includes outright lies.  I on the other hand have the tools needed to find pure truth.  What we seek is a gem hidden in a locked box.  We can not smash and rip our way in, we need to find the key or pick the lock.”

Tilting his head his gaze reminded Abyss of the way the cat outside had looked at him. “Besides, I’m curious to find out if this Stitches is real or legend.”


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Ahhhh right, got it. Good exposition.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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