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Family Reunion

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(( Hello All.   I have been inspired, and hope you like the introduction of my new toon.  ))

Walking out of the cloner in Oilville, the large CHOTA warrior scanned the street before heading to the open doorway directly across the street.  He glanced at the large black cat perched on the crate, and growled low at it.  The cat glanced back as if it could care less, and went back to soaking in the sun.

Muttering to himself as he turned left and ascended the stairs, the warrior recognized the laughter coming from above and knew he was in the right spot.

“SYNN!! “  He bellowed just before turning into the room.  “Why the fuck am I here?”

The center of the room was taken up by a large bed.  It was occupied by 4 people, only one being male.  He was smaller than the CHOTA, and did not seem surprised or intimidate about the bellowing warrior as he stomped toward the bed.  The girls all retreated as he approached, but the man just reached for a nearby goblet and took a sip be for smiling up at the warrior.  If the girls had not been so scared, they would have noticed that the two men had the same face.  “Hello Abyss.  Glad you could come for a visit.”

“Fuck you, Synn.  Why did you drag me out here?  I’m busy trying to track down… “

“Stitches.  I know” Synn interrupted, grinning at the astonished look on Abyss’s face. “Why do you think I called you?”

(To be continued)


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(( Ooh I like where this is going

One minute your calm, the next your shooting someone in the face, then your doing your chickendance. If that is not chaos I dont know what is - Aiid

At that same time...

     Dorado watched as his daughter ran through the street with other children.  She was busy spending her abundant energy the way that children should: by playing with other children.  They were all laughing and screaming as they ran about in some fashion of rules for whatever they were playing.  It made a smile appear to his face whose beard had turned more gray with each year having no reason to clone.  Isabella was looking more and more like her Mother, Jade, with each passing day.  He could not be more proud, and worried, at having his beloved daughter be so beautiful.  Jade was inside sorting supplies in the residence which they are currently staying in an effort to hide from the Theoreticians.  Both of them had a long days trek out to Embry to purchase much needed supplies.  It gave the two much needed time to themselves and Isabella a bit of freedom from an overprotective Father. 


     As Isabella ran about, he noticed that she had something about her face obscuring it.  It was a dark material, perhaps cloth, that had something smeared all over the front of it.  He watched her sprint across the street and dive into the area between houses.  Immediately a childish shout of surprise was heard along with her victorious cry of "GOT YOU!" followed by laughter.  Isabella walked out into the street and stood facing the house.  She planted her sneakers onto the old pavement, placed her hands upon her hips and mocked a deep voice and said "No one can escape Stitches!".  What smile Dorado wore immediatly dropped as did the paternal warmth in his heart to only be replaced by an icy cold grip of fear.  In his calm manner he walked up to her, even through the mask he could see the huge grin she wore. 

     "I won Papa!  I won!"


     "Si Isabella, you did...what are you wearing?"


     "It's mi Stitches mask, neat huh?  I found it earlier today.  Looks old.  Muy old, si?" She said tugging and the ends of the simple cloth mask that had a melted grin upon it.  "It's old, si.  But smells okay, fresh, washed, no germs Papa." the Dorado child reported and tugged on it again.  "What are you playing mija?  Some new game?"  Dorado asked bending to rest upon a knee and look her in the eye.  "Si, new game.  Called Tech Seek.  See I'm Stitches, and I'm hunting the Techs...like the real Stitches does.".  Her words made him pull back a little and lower his head at her.  "What do you know about that person, mija?"  He asked of his daughter.  She looked about and over to one of her friends and pointed to him and said that his parents told him of this man called Stitches.  That he kills Techs and anyone associated with them and other bad people as well.  Dorado just reached up and pulled the mask from her face and walked away with it as Isabella let out an audible huff of disapproval at losing her prop.  "It's filthy Isabella, you can go play without it."  Dorado said as he walked up to their front porch and stepped to the side as Jade came out of the house.  She handed him a cup of his favorite tea before she spoke to him. 


     "Mi amante, what was that about?  Why did you take her mask?"  She asked sipping her own spiked beverage gesturing to the item in question.  Dorado looked down at the mask and casually stuffed it into his back pocket after realizing he still had it in his hand for anyone to see.  "Nothing mi corazon, the mask is dirty and she's wearing it about her face.  She knows better than that."  Dorado spoke as if it was nothing at all and went into their house utterly unaware of the very suspicious look upon Jade's face towards him. Jade easily knew when he was hiding something, more so when he had lied to her.  It was something he was never prone to do.  Turning to look into the street to watch their daughter get into a circle with the other children she listened to the song they sang as a countdown to go hide.


     "Clad in black and knife sharp too, be good now or he comes for you, dark of night, teeth shine like the moon, run...run...Stitches comes for you!

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((*giggles with delight and hopes for much more from them both*))

One minute your calm, the next your shooting someone in the face, then your doing your chickendance. If that is not chaos I dont know what is - Aiid

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Yes. This is another story I want to see more of, and from multiple participants too? fantastic. :D

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