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A Fallen Carol: Part 4 - The Clone of Christmas To Come

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The bunker lights flickered on and off and Pod number three continued to hum. The temperatur inside the bunker had lowered and Stooge sitting in the bed shivered and wrapped the blanket around him.

Eventually the humming and the flickering of the lights stopped. In the dim light Stooge looked over to the pod as the door slowly opened. Mist swirled and crept out along the floor. Nobody left the pod. Stooge watched and waited. Still nobody emerged.

Slowly curiosity overcame fear and Stooge left the bed and walked over to the pod. He peeped inside. It was empty.

What was happening? Why was it empty? He turned around and cried out with surprise.

A figure was standing in front of him. Tall and clothed in a dark robe and hood.

'Are... are you... the cl-clone?' Stooge asked terrified.

The hood lowered and then raised. A single nod. An arm raised and a skeleton hand emerged from the sleeve. The hand beckoned him to follow.

'Where are we going?' Stooge asked. The clone gave no reply but instead turned and walked toward the steps. Stooge followed the clone up the steps and through the bunker to the doors leading to outside.

The doors seemed to open by itselfs when the clone approached. It stepped outside followed by Stooge.

But they were not outside the bunker. They were in the town by the auctioneer.

'The next thing for sale is... well, we are not quite sure,' said the auctioneer holding up what looked to be a tool.

'That is one of my pod wire testers,' Stooge exclaimed. 'I paid many chips for that.'

'Any offers?' the auctioneer asked the crowd in front of him.

'Ten white,' a man with a tall hat called.

'Ten white?' Stooge said incredulously.

'Twelve,' another man called.

'What? Who said that?' Stooge said looking around. He looked back to the auctioneer and called out 'Five red!'

The auctioneer ignored Stooge as if invisible to him.

'He had a lot of junk,' said a woman nearby.

'They should have buried it all with him,' another woman said in response.

Stooge turned to the clone. 'Who are they talking about?' he said feeling suddenly very uncomfortable.

The clone turned away from the crowd and pointed. Stooge moved his gaze to the direction of the bony finger of the clone. He saw nearby a gravestone. A sense of dread he felt now. He walked over to it.

There was writing on the gravestone, a name. Stooge did not want to read it but he knew he must. The clone stood behind him, watching. Stooge crouched and read the name.

    Everniesen Stooge
Stooge felt all the blood run from his face. He turned to the clone. 'No. Please, no!' he pleaded. 'I can change, yes, change.' He turned back to the gravestone and began to desperately rub away the name with his sleeve. Behind him the clone watched with hidden eyes beneath the hood.

The grave opened into the ground and Stooge fell. He screamed as he fell, his legs kicking frantically. Chains appeared and started to wrap around him. Heavy chains. Eternal chains. He screamed. He fell. His arms and hands desperately trying to grab air, to save himself.

His hands grabbed blanket. He sat up.

'What? Where am I?' he asked the empty bunker. Then he realised where he was. He sneezed. 'I am in the bunker,' he exclaimed. 'I am alive! Alive!'

Stooge jumped out of bed and danced with joy. 'Alive!' he shouted.

But no time was there to waste. He promised to change and he will change. Today was the day. The life was to change. He dressed quickly for he had much to do.


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Don't fall for it Everniesen! It was the gravy! ((Loving this V

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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((Brilliant mix of classic story with FE

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Not only is Stooge a dedicated technician, he is also a one lifer...sacrificing his short time on this earth so the clones may have eternal joy and happiness.  Stooge is truly a hero for us all.   *bows head and raises lighter in honor of Stooge*

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