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A Fallen Carol: Part 2 - The Clone of Christmas Before

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The hum was louder now and joined by other noise as the clone pod began the process of producing a body. Stooge remained under the blanket, peeping out to the pod. He did not like this. Not one bit. Perhaps if he remained hidden, whatever was coming would not notice him and go away. He pulled the blanket totally over himself.

From underneath the blanket he could hear the symphony of electrical, mechanical and biological noise as the pod continued to work to make a clone. It seem to never end, but then as suddenly as it began, it stopped.

From under the blanket Stooge listened. Nothing. No groans, no sound of vomiting, no sound of feet trying to find balance, no slurred speech of a new clone naked and confused. Nothing.

Then he heard footsteps. Feet in shoes.

They approached the bed. Stooge froze. The footsteps became louder as they became closer. Then they stopped.

Did it know he was there? Stooge mind raced images of the possibilities of what could happen in the next few seconds.

Suddenly the bed tipped and Stooge fell out from under the blanket on to the floor. The bed was dropped back to the floor and the shoes walked to him. They were red and covered with sparkle. Not what he expected.

'WAKE UP! WAKE UP SLEEPY!' shouted a voice of a woman.

Stooge looked up from the red sparkly shoes. There were long socks. Bright yellow, not really matching the shoes. There was a short skirt and a top both of red and gold. A smiling face looked down to him. A face of a young woman with childlike eyes and with hair of many bright colors. Suddenly a hand reached down, grabbed him shoulder and lifted him to his feet with surprising strength.

'Yaaah! You are awake!' she cheered.

'Who are you?' Stooge asked. 'Are you Christmas Elf?'

'Elf?' The woman giggled. 'No silly!' She slapped Stooge on the shoulder and he almost fell backwards. 'I am the Clone of Christmas Before.'

'Before?' Stooge was puzzled.

'Before. Before! Not now, but before silly!' the clone responded. 'Let me show you. Come with me. Come!'

'Where are we goi-' Stooge began before suddenly be the clone grabbed his hand. She pulled and Stooge tumbled forward.

'What is it?' the little boy asked staring at the bunker doors while holding hands with the woman.

The woman smiled down to the boy. 'It is where they make the people with the collars,' she explained.

Nearby Stooge stood next to the Clone and they both watched.

'Mother?' Stooge called out both to her and to himself.

'It is,' the clone said. 'But she cannot hear you, neither can you, he, the boy.'

Stooge sneezed. The woman and the boy did not notice. 'Gesundheit!' said the clone to his side.

'I remember this...' Stooge quietly said.

'Can I see it? Inside?' the boy asked.

'The woman looked back to the bunker before answering. 'Not today, but perhaps someone can.'

'He did,' the clone said.

'Who?' Stooge asked turning to face the clone.

'Silly! You know who!' the clone giggled. 'Bizzydizzy! Mister...'

'Mr Dizzywig,' Stooge said remembering. 'My apprenticeship...'

He turned back but the woman and the boy were gone. Instead Stooge found himself inside the bunker where a man with curly tufts of hair and a happy face was explaining pod machinery to a young man.

'So without this part the power would not be great enough for the ions to form?' the young man asked.

'Exactly!' said Mr Dizzywig. 'You learn fast!'

'I have a good teacher,' youngman Stooge said.

'And you know want to say to people,' Mr Dizzywig chuckled.

'Do you?' the clone asked Stooge.

Stooge turned to her. 'I do,' he said. 'did,' he corrected before turning back.

Mr Dizzywig was gone. The young man, a little older now was working on something. A young woman stood nearby.

'But it is Christmas,' the woman was saying. 'Surely this can wait.'

'No, it cannot,' the young man said. 'I know i can sell this if it is repaired now.'

'You loved her did you not?' the clone whispered in the ear of Stooge.

The woman looked on sadly' 'Everniesen, please, were are engaged, we should both be...'

'I still do,' Stooge whispered back.

The man stopped his work suddenly and turned to the woman with irritation. 'Bella, this is important. I will later join you at the party.' The man returned to his work.

The woman watched for a moment. 'Perhaps.... perhaps not,' she said before turning and leaving.

'You fool,' Stooge muttered. 'You should have gone.'

'And what happened?' the clone teased.

'I did not go. She left me. She married another,' Stooge said sadly with eyes moist from regret.

'Time to leave,' the clone said.

'What?' Stooge said thoughts lost.

'Time to go!' the clone shrieked excitedly grabbing Stooge hand and pulling him sharply. He lost balance and-

'Bella!' he cried suddenly awakening in the bed. He sat up, sweat on his face. Was it a dream? A nightmare?

A humming noise began and the light over pod number two began to flash. It was no dream.

Another visitor was soon to be present.


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(( Bella needs to understand...clone pods just don't repair themselves!  Just think....someone stuck in LifeNet and not able to clone without a functioning pod!  Poor Stooge.  So misunderstood.

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The FE world according to V V is a very interesting place. *waits for the mod to come out*

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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