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Faded Memories.

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I have a few memories, of long ago in a place called Hope.
I have lived, I have loved, I have cried and I had died....I think.
So much time has passed, I know some names of people I barely remember, faces that are hidden from memory.
I know some faces of others, whom their names now have faded and remain elusive, apart from my memory.
I know I cared a great deal for someone, some one my heart aches for...I can only hope I am remembered and...I dont know, maybe forgiven, though its hard to remember why.
Something tells me the pain is tied to that person, that I did things that I can barely remember.
How will I be met with those shadows of my past, with guns and hate, love and welcome or none of it at all.
So, I set my feet on a dusty path I know I have walked before, to see what is at the end and beyond.

Will you walk with me I suppose?


*A note from the writer. This here should have been my actual first writing when I returned. I had most of it in my bio, and made a few changes to better suit what I am trying to write about. I hope those who remember me do so fondly, and even those who remember me otherwise, are willing to share what is remembered. I would like to write about those things, and what is to come, I would like to write about what might be and beyond. Therefore, this entry should be considered before the Dusty Journal entries. Feel free to message me privately if anyone likes, share what you are willing, suggestions are indeed welcomed and will help with furture writing.


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((sadly, I don't think any of my characters did much in the way of RP with Jeass.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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