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Faded Diamond

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Damion sat at his desk, staring at the door as it closed behind Abyss.  He shook his head, thinking how simple his brother’s life must be.  Living outside society’s grip. Thinking very little of the consequences of his actions.  If it was not for Damion, his brother would probably vanish into the Alpha zone, and never return.

But he was much too valuable a resource for Damion to let that happen.  If Abyss knew some of the steps that Damion had taken to ensure his presence, there would be a battle that one of them would not walk away from.

Which brought Damion back to the current matter at hand.  Aunt Lucy was taking far too many risks and from what little she gave up to Abyss, Damion was almost positive he knew why.

He adjusted his radio to a frequency he rarely used.

“Hey, we need to talk.  I’ll meet you in Haven tonight.  Time to make sure that old bitch vanishes for good.”

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