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Extreme Pizza Delivery

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(( The following is a Crossover work between Secret World and Fallen Earth, at the request of a few players from both sides. Writing is influenced by Mood setting music and a few days of Twitter conversations, Discord Dances and PMs in my inbox. Yes, you can blame Canni.

Music; https://youtu.be/A8N0vzUgGhA ))

Location; Oilville, Nevada
Local Perceived Date and Time; 2/20/2165

When he pushed his overheated Buggy into the gas station at Oilville, all wrapped in molded titanium armor and his glaring red goggles reflecting the mechanics gaze as he fished a massive hand into his bags for pay, the town braced itself. While most people knew about the existence of GT Suits, it was uncommon to see them in the smaller towns, much less near the oil pumps. If whoever wearing it decided to take the town, it would take more than a few of them to take one down and even as he walked for the Triage building he could see people reaching for their guns, just in case.

He held his hands up carefully, keeping them away from the pistols that adorned his hips or the rifle slung across his back. No sudden movements. He wasnt here to cause trouble. Simply heading up to the bar on the second floor. Nothing to see here. Just a soldier looking to get drunk as far as anyone was concerned.

Or as was the actual case, checking up on the Bar at the request from a long distance all and Kaylee still proving she was loyal to the Bar if not the Tribes as a whole to call him in to check on the Kids. That or people had been tearing up the bar and she needed him to shoot people while she was out doing whatever it was she was doing.

This week, he was surprised to find an old and familiar face managing the bar, a man who had been in and out from the beginning. After brief greetings and removing his helmet when he realized the man didn't recognize his muffled voice through the filtered speakers, he ended up settling down and sampling the water supply while exchanging in casual banter and catching up with the locals. Seemed like it was going to be an easy enough shift to just watch the place for a few hours, get some photos of how the Canyon had evolved since he last visited and get out of there.

The last thing he had expected that night was an old friend and bed fellow to share drinks with him, much less be happy to see Ardenn. The smiles were soon shadowed by uncomfortable truths and enough information on the activity of a young violent child seen in a town nearby that loosely resembled the last known description fo his daughter. That she'd been resorting to eating human flesh again and people were terrified of approaching her. A request to look in to it and help the town.

When the bar closed for the night, Ardenn spent a long time considering his old maps of the local area and what he knew of the girls habits. What few of them knew was that she was the heir to the Boogeyman's legacy in the region, and the last time Ardenn had seen her, she'd been living with irradiated massive wolves, running with them like she was part of the pack and eating flesh with no remorse.

He had ideas, but nothing concrete, nothing long term. He knew he needed help and resources but not how to get it.


Location; Somewhere near Seoul, South Korea
Local Perceived Date and Time; 2/21/2018, around midnight

A near constant covering rain, drooling a dull gray atmosphere of water as it ran over red and tan sweeps of clay titles that wove around the residential area like a coiling snake, its paths as knotted and confusing to navigate. The constant pattering of nature muffling the sounds of man and the residents held within, mostly silent by this time of night. Indistinct figures lurked the cramped streets, sometimes vehicles, sometimes monsters, or ghosts looking for their next victim to posess.  One could never be too careful.

The old and scarred warrior turned pizza delivery boy leaned back in his chair, kicking up a leg on the desk as he brought the end of his pen to his lips and gnawed on it thoughtfully, regarding his notebook. Within, he was trying to lay out his thoughts and figure out how to approach his current boss regarding the discovery of information regarding the whereabouts of his daughter, and the problem of people wanting to assist in finding her and doing something to improve her condition. Brows knit in concern, as many had volunteered to assist out of their own egotistical pride of being problem solvers, but in his mind, these people barking at his heels had no concept of a real problem and fragile egos that might break if there wasnt a solution.

There was no doubt in his mind that the girl needed Parents, and he was extremely doubtful any of these would-be-heroes would be able to stand even a single visit, much less withstand regular visits with a girl damaged by gang and factional warfare, casual murder and cannibalism, and everything that comes along with trying to reason with a child raised by violence to be able to accept others unlike herself.

Not to mention the girl was Radioactive and there was a fair chance any normal child in her presence for long periods would suffer unusual illnesses if not die off when left unattended. Yet no matter how much he stressed these things, a few personalities had persevered, and now here he was, trying to come up with a plan to sabotage the well wishers progress by appealing to his Boss's sensibilities on survival ratio and success chance.

Immortality was a dangerous thing. It made the mind stupid and the people clutching to it reckless in their actions.

Maybe it was time for a different perspective.

Despite his misgivings about the whole plan, that glimmer of hope that someone might be able to do something for his adopted daughter was enough to drive him to consider it anyway. To Plan.

Who could be bring?
How much cargo could he carry?
Could he use the White Crow tunnels?
Could he use this strangers Hazmat suits for his unit?
How could he impress upon these people to be cautious but prepared for a firefight at any moment?
Did the agents offering up their lives and potentially their immortality really understand what they were volunteering for?
How the sweet little chef they all knew for having bad taste in music had probably taken more lives gleefully with his own hands than they could have possibly imagined? 

That he probably wasnt exactly a good guy in the Canyon?

Or that the concept of 'Good' didnt exactly even exist?

He tore out the page in his notebook and rumpled it into a ball, chucking it behind him.

"Are you okay?" A head popped up from a laptop screen elsewhere in the room, green eyes peering out from under a leather hood, the mans face pale with the edges of blackened veins just visible at his hairline. Ardenn had been living with the Plaguebearer for about two years now. Good company, and always concerned for his friend.

"Yeah, sorta. Just trying to figure out how to get D'ante to veto the whole project." Ardenn began writing again.

"Well, you know you can ask me for anything if you need help." The man said softly, gazing at the other man for a long time then going back to his games.

"Thats the problem," Ard muttered to himself, "What the fuck do I ask for."


Ardenn's notebook;

Objective 1;

-- Present Perspective to the Kusanagi Initiative branch of the Orochi Corporation.
- This may also include a live feed if the radiation doesnt fry the drone we may be accompanied with.

Objective 2;

-- Attempt to find Canni Belle aka "Mary Jane" and asses her condition.
- Evacuation is unlikely possible, child is considered armed, dangerous and radioactive.

She will probably want Pizza.

Objective 3;

-- Bring back soil and plant life samples for study.
- Observations on similarities regarding Blood Vine ad "Filth" regarding whispering voices and biological data.


-- There is no long term quick fix known at this time.
- Interactions can make a difference, should the child be found, or between members of the team.

-- Radiation tolerance for fresh agents is unknown.
- Be firm about not letting standard humans into this terrain. Might boil alive or die quickly.

-- Lack of good Parenting rolemodels in general.
- I'm concerned visiting the kid with one time strangers will make the girl less responsive, not more willing.

Satellite maps and rundown on Factions will be provided should all forms of convincing fail and the project proceeds.


-- Hazmat equipment
-- Basic rations for travel
-- Fresh ingredients for Pizza
-- Cold storage lockbox full of food
-- Surveillance drone
-- A Miracle

Location; Undisclosed (Kusanagi Offices, Probably Japan somewhere)
Local Perceived Date and Time; 3/6/2018

It was early morning when Ardenn had dressed up in his best pressed suit, navy blue, and combed back his hair, trying to look more presentable for the request he was about to make. New shoes, a hard scrub and soap, even a tie and dress jacket. All things that weren't typically associated to him in this world. A few heads int he know would turn when he strode through the halls of the work space that day, head held high and determination on his face.

Half way up the building in the elevator, panic kicked in. 'What If's' whirled through his heard of how much danger he'd potentially be putting his boss in, a mortal -- even if he was amped up with cybernetics -- heading into an area kept secret and out of public vision for who really knew how many years. A testing facility where every day morals and sensibilities were thrown to the wind and experiments of all kinds lived and died radiation filled shortened lifespans. The majority of his plans revolving around hoping the real threats he used to know were dead and not lurking int he shadows somewhere, waiting to strike. What if the info on his daughter was bait? What fi he was walking into a trap? What if what if what if...


The elevator doors rolled open and he straightened up, shoving all those thoughts back as he headed into the man's offices for a private session.

"Hey, Boss? Remember how you said I could always come to you if I needed help? ... About that..."

--- Briefing Room Excerpt ---

Ardenn stood before a projector showing the Sector One territory map and the last pictur he'd ever taken of a half starved Mary Jane out in the wilds of Terminal Woods somewhere.

"This is Mary Jane. No one really knows for sure how she got into the system. Her collar was designed for a coal miner, of that we were able to determine, some bloke who died a while back in a raid. Owed the wrong people some money... But who her parents are and where she came from, nobody knows.  The only people who SHOULD be in the cloner system are the original military and prisoner personnel the system was designed for, and a few wanna-be starlets and entertainers who paid well enough to try and make immortality the next trendy new thing. Basically, people over the age of twenty-five or so."

A pale skinned man with a shock of red hair and a narrow face peered up at the image of the girl. His deep red suit hiding former alliances and an ever changing life of a cursed individual, just trying to find somewhere to work that wouldn't put his family in jeopardy. "How old is she?"

"From the local doctor records of those who tended to her, about eleven."

Across the table sat a dark chocolate skinned man with electric rims of blue around his irises, gazed at the images. Executive of the building, organization, and now a field agent on the task of assisting finding the girl. The real VIP in the room. Contemplative and calculating as he drank in the information being presented. "So what are the collars for? An' are there any other kids her age running around?"

"I'm betting the collars are similar to Lumie spinal grafts," The pale man murmurs.

Ardenn takes a deep breath and licks his lips a moment, because he knows most people don't like the concept. "While the system was marketed as human advancement and potentially repopulating the planet in the event of a major disaster, the honest truth is the entire system is actually an organ farm. The majority of the clones collars don't just give them Immortality but monitors their life functions, copies, saves and modifies memories, and in some cases, pacification when a clone doesn't like the job they've been assigned to do... Essentially Clones are treated like Slaves."

That one word makes the dark skinned man hiss through his teeth. Ard's right, he doesn't like that concept. "So who runs the show, really? An' you say 'is,' so it's still goin' on even now?"

"Or was it kinda... abandoned, and left to its own devices?" The pale man asks.

"Abandoned might be a good word for it. Though I sort of want to lean more in the direction that maybe the original founders of the project were murdered and possibly replaced by clones themselves with altered memories. I cant really go far in that direction without hitting a massive pile of names on corpses and headstones, basically.  What I CAN tell you, is the ... lets call it, 'Respawn System', is primarily controlled by a specific Artificial Intelligence that we all call 'LifeNet'. She's been running out of power, ever so slowly, breaking down, and losing a war with a pre-dating AI that was supposed to be locked up and decayed in a bunker somewhere, but that's sort of off topic.

Suffice to say, the system is breaking. There are still people alive in there, but once the Cloners are gone, so is all the support the mortals have been relying on to maintain their farms, even the ones trying to run legitimately.  Not just because of the faction wars and people fighting constantly over resources because they think the world has ended in nuclear war, but because of all the critters that have been mutated by the leaking missile silos and the radiation coming off the cloners themselves as they break."

"So it's all falling apart... Jesus..." The dark man frowns as he shakes his head. "So it's gonna be quite the trick to make this work. That's good to know."

"I'm kinda curious what chance you think we have to pull this off."  Frowning at the screen, the pale man nibbles at his lower lip.  "I mean, it's probably good that it's not a full squad going in...."

"Getting in and out isnt actually all that hard... Although, technically, a big part of that is just because of how much influence I've had on the place and the Russians being greedy as fuck for a little supplemental income... or promising I'll stop driving their agents insane with my off key singing... Again, off topic."

He takes the picture of the girl down and pulls the map back into focus again. "The general area she calls home is generally just referred to as 'Sector One'. There are relatively genetic names for each district up to four, followed by operation names based on what experiments were being done in the region. This sector is pretty much considered the 'poor' sector, or the slums. If your still in this area a week after coming up out of a Pod for the first time, you'll probably never leave. Its a sinkhole of organized crime designed to keep the clones poor and the mortals poorer.  There had actually been a group of 'survivors', mortals who fought along side the clones and were considered 'mutants' for being born in the Canyon, building up to help people better prepare themselves and share knowledge freely... But someoen took offense to it and dropped a rather large bomb on their city, pretty much turning it into a Crater."

The dark man considers the pictures, nodding as he does so. "...Narcisse is right, going with a squad would be suspicious as hell. Go on, I'm thinkin'."

"These particular pictures are highly relevant because this place goes by the name of Boneclaw, and is home to the first serious group of CHOTA you will ever meet... For reference, that would stand for Children of the Apocalypse.  A lot of them have taken some serious blows to the head fighting for the right to live, and the military and technological institutes even kidnapped some of their children to test on them like animals, denying them rights to even being people for a long time. Most of them are Mortals, thought hey welcome Clones intot heir ranks, usually after they've figure out how to hack their collars and disable the safety protocols. They are generally Anarchistic by nature and separate themselves up into tribes based on different methods of exercising the concept of 'Freedom'.

The first person Mary Jane bonded to was a legend here, a young man, maybe eighteen or so, not just a cannibal but the guy just knew how to terrify people to the core.  Most people just called him 'The Boogeyman', because he tended to enjoy striking at night, especially when you were at home, all curled up and safe in your bed.

In general, I've been considering disguising the two of you as two recently hired CHOTA minions of mine to help me hunt to gather food for a soup kitchen I used to run in the area.  Food usually attracts people the kid knows, but I need you guys to be seen around the area and working for me before any of them will actually trust your not just more fresh meat for the organ mill.  However, I don't think I should disguise you as Clones as we're waaaaaay more prone to getting shot for really stupid reasons. I legit have guys who would rather shoot me and send me back to the cloner than waste bandages or medicine on helping me."

--- Snip ---

Back in Seoul...

"How long will you be gone?" His roommate asked as he packed sliced meat into packages and sucked the air out of them via mechanical means. The man assisted in every way he could as Ardenn himself cleaned his armor and guns.

"About three days. Two for travel and getting through quarantine evacuation tunnels and hazmat cleansing at the border, and one for First Contact ops. I'm praying we land inside the sector and can deploy the unit by Saturday and be out and in radio contact with home base by Sunday night." Ardenn frowned, looking over at his maps and papers spread all over the desk. He really needed to clean up his office when he got back.

"I wish I could go with you..." The man sighed as he set another package in the fridge, waiting to be transferred to the food storage box in the morning.

"Maybe next time. I dont want my kid to be overwhelmed or swept up in the attention of a lot of people who may never come back... I've given her enough false hopes already."

"Ardenn," The man grasped him by a shoulder, giving him a squeeze and a little shake. "You'll be fine. I'm sure you'll work everything out and the fact that your even doing this shows that you care. Dont beat yourself up so much."

"I'd rather be worried and over-prepared, than worried and my friends end up dead."

"Fair point... Just don't burn out before you even get there. Come on, lets go play some games or something so you can relax a little, and I'll make some tea."

"... Alright, Coal. I give. Tea sounds really good right now."

--- Journal Note; First Contact set for March 10th.


(( Oh my god, I'm so behind on my updates. ))

Location; Grand Canyon, Nevada, Sector One
Local Perceived Date and Time; 3/10/2165

Three men exited the White Crow transport tunnels and made their way through the canyon and up the hills towards civilization. With a little patience and timing, it was easy enough to get into a Cloner bay and get the two visitors an extra pair of Cloner Jump suits and nonchalantly saunter out of the pods as if they were just new clones released into the system. A bit longer to find the pale man a Collar that would look convincing and a quiet but constant reminder to the One-Lifer to not take any stupid risks. Just because he had Cybernetics and was pumped up on his company's best anti-radiation bio-metrics, didn't mean the terrain and its radioactive life forms were going to be a walk in the park.

They scoffed at Ardenn's concerns, reminding him they were super strong and powerful occultist fighters and no silly little amount of radiation was going to frighten them off so easily.

They did find the Chickens to be moderately creepy, however.

Hydra Weeds gassing the smaller, pale man to a very sudden death and him waking up in the cloner was 'better than being ripped apart by zombies'.

An incident involving a cliff and a horse breaking its legs so hard they shot up into the body sobered the larger of the two.

Working through the mines as an act of getting to know the terrain and the people that lived there, they were horrified at the lack of records, organization and worse, barrels of toxic waste being carted around and weaponized by people who didn't even really understand the ramifications of spilling toxic waste around everywhere. It took a few hours, but they did eventually get suited up with gifts from the locals and Ardenn's small stockpile of resources before they made their way to Boneclaw.

Originally, the intent had been to educate the gentlemen on the ways of the CHOTA and try to get the men to come to terms with what was going to be going through the child's mind when they approached her, but plans went astray on spotting Sang dancing next to a campfire with her wolves in her full combat dress. Introductions were made, and Ardenn tried to impress upon one another how important he thought each person was and why they were there... Looking for MJ.

Things became awkward as Kyotan showed up to check up on hearing Ardenn was visiting the canyon again. Trying to stay professional, Ardenn just repeated his mission plan and tried to keep his personal life out of it, but the tension in the air just caused him to lose control of his emotions and let loose his fears of being a bad parent to MJ. D'ante and Sang had been discussing the local wildlife, but as Ardenn's stoic escort facade began to crumble, the dark skinned man took control of the situation and abruptly thanked the two CHOTA before announcing that they needed to depart.

Somewhere between Boneclaw and Oilville, D'ante threw Ardenn up against a block of concrete and pinned him down, roughly reminding him, telling him, consoling him, that no, Ardenn was not a Bad Father like he'd been convincing himself for the past few years. The two men had gotten a much better idea of the environment she was raised in and how drastically different it was to the cities with clean streets and a light in every window. They reminded him, again, that he was in a better place now, that he worked for good people, and D'ante claimed personal ownership of Ardenn, and all the responsibilities that came with maintaining their friendship.

They made a pit stop at Embry to hook up to the local Radio Dish and send a report back to the Kusanagi branch of Orochi Head Quarters, then moved on.

Reassured, Ardenn pulled himself together and took the men to Oilville to stock up on supplies and bake a set of Pizzas for everyone to enjoy, when they finally found MJ.

The two men noted Ardenn seemed a lot happier when he was cooking and announced they were going to explore the town while waiting for food and dispatch orders.

--- Conversation snippits in Oilville ---

D'ante; "Just old up a sec, I need to talk to you, Ardenn."
Narcisse; "Do you need me to step outside for this?"
D'ante; "Nah, it's professional an' pretty quick. Just me expressing my discontent." He turns to Ardenn. "Ard... You know my techs would have a field day here. You know that LifeNet is on its last legs, an' if it goes, this whole place collapses. You know that I've been lookin' for a way to cheat mortality. So why the hell did you keep all this from me?!"

Ardenn looks up as innocently as he possibly can at D'ante. "You didnt ask. But honestly, because I didnt know THAT much about the tech, but I DO know there's a Rogue AI that would LOVE to collaborate with Jhon and-- ACK!"

D'ante takes him by the front of the shirt and hauls him up off the floor. He might not be at full strength, but he's still plenty powerful. "How the hell was I supposed to know that you had literally every fucking thing Vali wants, proof positive, here where it's common fucking knowledge? We don't have anything like that outside!"

Ardenn; "I was under orders not to tell anyone outside, okay?! And its not like Orochi had a good reputation when I first got out! I had to vet people, come on! I couldnt let just anyone in here!"

D'ante considers that for a long, long moment. Then, slowly, he lets Ard down, and instead pulls him into a hug. "...I get that. That's fair. Sorry I lost my cool for a sec."

-- Later, outside on the street while Ardenn cooks.. --

D'ante; "...you know what baffles me?"
Narcisse; "Hm?"
D'ante; "I keep pokin' around, an'... almost nothin' here is actually made and assembled. They sell parts, but not the whole thing. It's... it's very tribal, in a way. But also terribly inefficient. An' I think maybe gets to some of the heart of the issue here."
Narcisse; "There's also the possibility that, if it's sold assembled, someone else might just part it out."
D'ante;  "Nah... around here, pre-assembled gear would be worth its weight in gold. Giving someone a weapon is a sign of hospitality, that means crafting is revered. I think more likely they salvage what they can an' break it down. They don't build up so much on their own. Which gets to what Ryotan was saying. They're runnin' out of finished material. That's bad. ...an' they're sellin' mutations like it's anima in a bottle. This really isn't Kansas..."


Once the boys were done exploring and the pizzas packed up, the trio headed for Reaver Bridge, where Sang had indicated she'd last heard the child was hiding.

As they approached, the scent of rotting flesh only got worse, and as they rounded the bend in the road, the half eaten corpses came into sight, strewn about the road or in small piles, some pocked with the signs of wildlife gnawing on flesh and bone alike. The sight was a new one for the visitors, but it just hardened Ardenns cocnern. He knew MJ had gone back to eating human flesh, but this much consumption and uneaten remains had him seriously worried.

It took them some time to creep along the bridge, following the occasional sound of gunshots from the undercarriage and scattering scavengers in the valley down below who had been trying to retrieve something. The three approached, but were met with the muzzle of a shotgun and after some hasty communication, they retreated back to picnic tables.

Ardenn tried his best to make it seem like just another family meal, with two new friends to get to know. She was supicious and like a wild animal, approaching to sniff then back away quickly, keeping at a distance while Narcisse talked to the girl. The pale man seemed to relate rather well to the girl, so D'ante and Ardenn took a back seat to enjoy their own food and observe for a while.

One arm around his shoulders and MJ Boldly asked a question while making a disgusted face; "New Kissyface?"

Ardenn looked a little embarrassed while D'ante laughed. "Um, yeah. New kissyface."

The evening continued with the feral child speaking with slowly growing interest to the pale man who appeared to her as a Primal Mutant, sniffing back and generally discussing hunter vs prey scenarios. However, since Alex had given the trio a deadline on getting back to civilization, Ardenn reluctantly had to put an end to the visit, standing and apologizing to MJ for not getting to spend more time with her or provide her everything she needed.

"I'm going to stay." Narcisse said, surprising both D'ante and Ardenn. Double checking and leaving him all the supplies they could spare, the parted ways, leaving the Primal mutant behind to spend time with the girl and learn about what her life had been like lately. To Hunt, To talk, to assess weather or not the girl was actually in need of anything.

Ardenn nearly cried when he gave Narcisse a final hug. He didnt know how to tell the man that he jsut wanted the girl to be able to live the way she wanted, to never be afraid, or lonely, or lost... It meant everything to him that the two men had been willing to even TRY.


Location; Somewhere near Seoul, Occult Residential District
Local Perceived Date and Time; 3/11/2018

After several hours of decontamination scrubs, being held in a plain white waiting room while results were checked and driving another eight hours before being contained yet again at HQ offices just to be sure, he was finally allowed to go home, have a hot bath, and collapse on his best friend for the past two years.

He promised he'd talk later, he just wanted to sleep now.

Coal tucked him in with soft whispers of "I missed you, I love you."

Words he didnt remember ever hearing in the Canyon.


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Interesting. So is this story an RP hook, or just a story?

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(( Check the dates, Its being written as it happens that players interact with Ardenn. I'll make another apperance at Reapers Flask on Tuesday for FE interactions, and Im looking at a Saturday at some point to actually go forward more with the Secret World side of things. It boils down to Ardenn not being able to move in either world without people following him and deamnding more information. Names i havnt seen in years on FE logged on to greet me last time I was onf or more than an hour and working for the Orochi is a PR nightmare. :P

Finding Canni is absolutely a hook. Weather or not the Alpha stuff happens will depend on weather or not the game and the players drive the new guys insane :P

Nothing is super set in stone but I'm being pushed and prodded to actually post stuff again after a nearly two year silence across everything I play. ))

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“I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends”

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(( The main post has been updated as of 3/9/2018 ))

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((Enjoyed the update, so interesting and your friends from another game coming to the wastelands for a rp... even if for a short time, is just simply awesome. 

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(( This post has been updated as of 3/20/2018, and it will probably end here for the time being. the SWL players dow ant to visit FE again, but theres a lot of stuff going on right now. It'll peobably be a few months before we can try another corssover event. ))

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