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Enemy Mine

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Folding his arms across his chest, Zek stayed where he was and watched the woman struggle with a situation she clearly was uncomfortable with.  He nodded in acceptance to the apology she clearly did not mean.  Listening to her explain the situation it was clear why she called him, and he switched to diplomat mode and just listened.

When she finished, he paused to arrange his thoughts, “First, that you for taking the time to meet me personally.  Neither of us knows the other, and we both are fighting our instincts to fight.  We are Warriors, you and I.  We protect those that need our strength.  Those that need someone to take the blow they cannot survive.  We may not agree on lifestyles, but that is a debate for another time and more whiskey.  

I am not asking you to like me, but we can work to a common goal in this situation.”

Zek slowly reached into his thigh pocket and drew two cigars.  He took one for himself, and offered the other to Sang.

“So what is it you want me to do once I find the girl?”


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((Enjoying this :D

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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((So glad you're enjoying it Joe <3))

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(( I am sure Joe will cross paths with Zek and company soon enough.  Glad your enjoying.

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Sang accepted the cigar and offered Zek the bottle, the contents capable of making ones eyes water. 

"First of all, finding her will be the least of your problems, in all likelihood if she sees activity at the old police station she will find you. Getting close enough to gain her confidence is simply impossible for some of us. Both crafty and gullible, she can be manipulated easily as long as outright lies are not used. Find a way in and convince her that I offer whatever it is she needs me to be."

"While she seems not to be a real telepath herself, Ardenns presence in her life exposed her to it enough to make her a reciever of sorts, nothing controlled but she will hone in on them, probably the reason she keeps a distance from me"

She paused a moment, a light grey nimbus of smoke curling upwards as her eyes chilled.

" My first thoughts when I saw her.. was that I badly wanted to kill the little abomination. I presume she must have picked up something of my first reaction to a being that really should have never existed, in my opinion.

There was an old pre fall book about a darling little child who was made into a vampire even though it was strictly forbidden for very good reasons. Immortal childhood brings insanity, eternity trapped in a body that never goes through puberty and matures no matter how many years go by. Having seen too much for a child yet with zero understanding of being an adult, incapable of true maturity." 

Sang shifted one hip slightly as she reached back to free several trapped dreds, an unconscious movement of all women with great lengths of hair. 

"Something happened to change my mind, a plague went wildly rampant through the wastelands with the child being patient zero, the first who contracted it. Almost immediately a clone was issued from Lifenet, A Doctor Dorado, whos knowlege dipped into Lifenets own databanks. He was able to create the cure and this was because Lifenet had the information it needed to know what, or who, was required to solve the problem."

It would be pompous of me if I should try to tell you how to do what I've never been able to accomplish, You will have to find your own way about that very chaotic path."


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Zek nodded, and took a pull from the bottle before handing it back.  "I remember that plague.  It was a dark time in the canyon.”

He briefly thought of letting her know that he was one of the few that as immune to the virus, or how he watched friends rot away and could do nothing about it.  He made a mental note to have Cass check her sources and see if she could find some insight into what they were dealing with, just in case.

“OK, letting her know the station is a safe haven with friends is easy.  You just want me to convince her that you are a friend, as well.  Is that all?"

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The CHOTA Queen rose from the humble bed worn by her mount with no less pride and dignity then any ancient sovereign, born of noble loins would step from a throne of gold and silks. 

Sang strode across the room to him, invading his personal bubble with the presumption of a shared lust as old and timeless as sex, her tone husky with the ache to dip her fingers into a mortal wound she inflicted and lick the warm sweet copper from her hand and hear the soft sounds of her life long enemie's last breath before the Enforcer recloned. 

She did nothing to hide or supress the fantasy, even without telepathy a dedicated warrior can recognise the musk of anticipated battle.

"I need you to convince her to give me a chance to prove what I say is truth, if she comes to me willingly, she will know without doubt, but if not by her own will, fear will close her mind."

With another step she took the bottle from his hand, for almost a moment, brushing it with her her own before moving away with her back now facing him.

"As we speak there are already funds in the New Flagstaff bank awaiting use by the Law Dogs.

Do this and perhaps we can enjoy that debate over whiskey, and perhaps a ....dance or two."


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Zek took in the scent of leather and musk from the lady.  He felt the electricity of her touch, but held his ground.  He had seen that look before, and it was something only clones could understand.  A dance that brought two people beyond human and into a primal level.  A race between satisfaction and death.  Something for another time, and much more whiskey.

He swallowed to clear his throat, as his eyes dropped down her back taking in the lean form.  He forced his gaze back up to the back of her head.  "I'll keep an eye out for the girl and contact you once I have.  If I get her to agree to speak, I’ll let you know when and where."  

He stood to leave.  “Unless you have any more intel to offer, I’ll get back to New Flag.”

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Sang placed the skull and feathers back on her head and picked up the huge saddle without evidence of strain, several clumped bits of hair and shriveled skin swayed back and forth on the leather ties that were attached to it.

Her eyes shone too brightly though the dry eye sockets with a spray of white and blue feathers covering the top of her head down to her shoulders. 

"I can think of no more, if I learn anything useful you will be notified... or warned."

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