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End of the Road (Pt 3)

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Some days seem to go by in minutes. Others last forever. Good company and good fortune are fleeting. Pain and suffering leave scars.




Aventae kicked a seemingly helpless rock with her foot angrily. What had that rock ever done to her? It was just minding its own business, waiting for the weather to smooth or degrade it. A truer pacifist there never was.

"Stupid!" the little girl yelled. She stood there, looking into the horizon where the poor rock had been displaced. Her long hair was disheveled and gross. It hadn't been washed in weeks and it hadn't been combed in much longer than that. She wore nothing but dirty elastic wraps around her chest and loose fitting jeans. No shoes, no goggles, no dignity.
"You're worthless and you know it!" if the rock had feelings it'd probably be saddened to hear a complete stranger say such rude things.
"You're worthless and everyone knows it!" the rock didn't know anyone else but at this point it figured she wasn't talking to it at all.

The girl collapsed to the ground, a puff of dust and sand rising slightly before settling around. She began to weep uncontrollably. She was dying. Her friends left her. Her few memories left her. Her own insanity left her. The dead didn't speak, and the living weren't as kind as the silent.

"Why did I ever come here..." she whispered, sniffing up some mucus and wiping tears from her face, looking out into the sunny distance. It was as if the world mocked her. Look at how beautiful it all is. Everything here. Except you.

"You win." she said, falling face first into the sand. Accepting her fate. "You finally win... Just let me be silent..."

"Not yet." said the rock.


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*Stands up and applauds the rock.*  Yay, go rock! *whistles* You tell her rock, mah main man!

((Love how you've done so much with so few words.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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