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Eis, Eis. Maybe...

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Costume Contest




'What?' Veronica asked clutching to the shovel. 'It is what?'

Veronica began to feel as if she would melt and her face was going a cherry red. Something was wrong. Very wrong.







Earlier at the Crafter Market...

They were told to get dressed in the farmhouse and then one by one they are to be called.

'Go out there,' they were told. 'Walk about, say something, perhaps dance a little.'

Veronica had no idea why she had decided to enter the Costume Contest at the Crafter Market. She was still unsure if a good idea it was, but now too late. She was here and soon her name would be called.

Her grip on the shovel tightened. She was feeling nervous. There were three costume categories to choose from. She looked to the person near to her who was wearing a horse mask. What category was that? Snow Bunny? Surely not. She had no idea.

'Okay Veronica you are next,' said a voice.

This was it. No more chance to escape. How many people were outside? How many eyes to stare at her? Why was she doing thi-

'Okay Veronica. Go!'

It was time. No escape. No running away. No-

'Now Veronica! Now!'

She briefly felt someone push her from behind and then she was outside. Nervously she walked over to the crowd and stood in front of them.

She could feel the eyes wander over her, following the purple and pink swirls and stripes which danced around her white pants and white sweater. Her feet, in the white shoes, wanted to run but they stayed still. With one hand she checked the strange red hat was still on her head. Her other hand held the large shovel, the nearest thing she could find to look like a giant spoon.

Veronica took a deep breathe and then spoke out loudly. 'I enter in the Icecream Category.'

'Is that Veronica?' a voice in the crowd said.

The voice was familar but she could not see who said it.

Veronica spoke again. 'I am the Icecream Sunday,' she announced.

There was a brief moment of silence. Even Hyle had moved from her "box of dancing" to stand and look. The crowd looked puzzled. A few hands were put across the mouths as if hiding a smile.

'Err...it is...Err..' Veronica stammered. 'It is Sunday today, yes?'

The crowd began to mutter.

'Err... my shovel... is my... err... spoon,' Veronica explained.

Suddenly a man with blue standing up hair, who Veronica recognised as Sharkdog, called out something. '...een...' he tried to say over the muttering noise. 'It is...i...een...'

'What?' Veronica asked clutching to the shovel. 'It is what?'

Veronica began to feel as if she would melt and her face became a cherry red. Something was wrong. Very wrong.

Sharkdog called out again. 'Ice Queen. The category is Ice Queen not Icecream.'

'It is?' Veronica said. 'I... err... oh...'

'Wow,' said a man in the crowd enjoying the confusion.

'Poor VV,' said another voice.

Veronica turned and left the stage.

*       *       *

Ende gut, alles gut

Sometime, all is good eventually. It was so at the market. An hour later Veronica, now awarded the first prise from the Contest Judges and now the Icecream Ice Queen, was on the "box of dancing" with Hyle and Sharkdog.

'Air guitar time!' Hyle shouted.

'I play shovelspoon,' responded Veronica with a grin as she swung the shovel around like a Rockstar with a musical instrument.

Sharkdog ducked just as the shovel flew by.


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(( too much fun!  I can't wait to see if we get the story about how VV plans to spend the winnings Smile

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Brilliant little skit. Poor V.V. It really does take a lot of courage to get up on stage, and then to be sooooo wrong lol. *Hugs V*

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(( Also it was totally intentional that no one knew the theme of the event. aka, no one reads the offical informationw e posted over a week ago :P ))

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((Idk why I didn't win anything then. That's my best outfit. ;) This story scared me more than actually being there :D sorry this is late, I don't really check the Haven often. :P))

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