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Dusty Journal, Page Three

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Dear Journal,

That cliche again. As usual, it fits. Wonder when I'll stop that? For now, maybe not since it works, right?
To say that I was excited to wake up on saturday is an understatement. It was party day, and not just any party, but at the famous Waffle Hus of Hope Springs. I remember well enough about the party, that Hyle is the woman in charge, its her baby and she revels in it to the fullest, at least, thats what I can remember. This will be the first one I can remember attending in a very long time.

I wont go into every single small detail, but the ones that I think I need to remember, just in case, I will try to write about. First, the people.
Hyle was there of course. She looked beautifal as always to me. And she greeted me warmly, helping me...at home again. Thank you, even if you never read these words, it means everything to me. And thinking more about her, I am not sure what else to write, she is who she is, known by so many and loved equally. And as I found out later that evening privately, loved by one even more, but I...will write about that later.

Next I recall seeing were a trio of folks off to one side watching the party, very...apart yet close enough I hope they were somewhat enjoying it even if they never did relax out of their combat gear. As I recall, the two women were called Logan and Holy. ((IF I screwed up on the gender, please tell me!))
The man that sat between them, he knew me. His name was Strelok. He had things he wanted to talk about, but something he said to me, one of those Words he should not have known, it scared me. I ran and hid behind Hyle for a little bit, though he kept trying to assure me it was ok. I just dont know about that right now, still dont know in fact as I write this. There is something about him, something darker now that I sense, yet as I give the name and the man more thought over time, he is not the same as he was before. Something terrible hap[pened to him I am sure. He spoke briefly about somehting that happened, something to do with mutants, but I was not actually paying that close attention anymore. I think I should have.

Another who was there at the begining was another young lady, and for the life of me I can not remember exactly how to pronouce her name, but I'll call her Kit. It seems to fit her in some way, I am not sure I can put my finger on it, but it sounds just right to me to say her name that way. Maybe I'll find out why sometime. She was quiet for the most part, though she did seem to look at me a bit more intently once or twice, though again, I am not sure why.

Later during the party Veronica showed up, resplendent in white and purple tiger striped pants, and oh did she know how to make it seem like that one was made just for her. She started dancing with Hyle and they made it look simple, easy and free. So unlike all the ones I was taught so long ago.
Of course there was conversation between everyone that I saw, some drifting back and forth between jovality and some towards more seriousness, but all in all, it was a party and the music was very good. Where Hyle found it all, I dont know. She seems to have a bag of tricks I guess none of us can guess at yet.

Oh, I did have something to bring to the party, a box of whisky bottles with a name write boldly upon it, Vekthar. I know it was given to me by a man a log time ago, actually, several boxes of different drinks, but the disconnect I feel between certain names and people exists there for that one as well. However, then I think about bit, I am certain I can find those memories, or at least some of them if I really needed or wanted to, but something in me shies away from it for now. Not fear I am sure, just an reluctance to probe those memroies just yet...but something I am sure I will do when the time is right to remember fully. 

Anyway, the drinks seemed to go over well, though Hyle made some funny comment about Vekthar's ass and the brewing that had a lot of people eyeing their drinks oddly, I myself, I laughed. I dont truely understand the brewing process, but I dont think his ass had much to do with it...or does it? The World may never know! *laughs*

I did join in with Hyle and veronica, dancing slowly at first to my own rythum, since its something I rarely did for my own pleasure...and the dances I know are certainly not for public exhibition, especially not with the locals watching. I did forget to mention, the party also draws some of the towns folk out at night, mingle and talk. It was nice to see the town so at peace with itself, a fair difference in what I can remember it used to be like at time. The people here worked hard for their peace, I do not envy them in it and their enjoyment of it, after all...this is home for me too, right?

I think later as thyings were winding down there was another young man who came to watch and drink, and maybe the whisky was too much for him as he'd passed out near one of the bonfires that was lit for the party. We made sure he was ok before Hyle invites myself and Veronica to a sauna. I cant recall if I had the enjoyment of using one before, so it puzzled me at the time, but we followed her to her home in town. Her home is a very lovely two story house behind the town hall and well kept as she let us in and led us upstairs. There Hyle showed up the sauna she had and it looked...cozy.

And that was before she started stripping. Well, her and Veronica both. Well, if people thought they looked good in as little the outfits they were wearing at the party, that is a disservice to just how sexy both of them were naked in the room. I had to make haste to strip down as well, since that as far as I can tell is what is required for a suana. To be that close to either of them, made my heart race a little faster. I know myself, my attraction to other women in general, but this place here was bringing the temptation to the surface, but i could not do anything more than look at them, listen to the converation and answer from time to time. At one point we spoke about Reavy.

Everytime her name is mentioned, something in me runs from rational thought. I yearn for her from somewhere deep inside me, yet at the same time, there is a well of fear. I can barely understand these conflicting emotions. I think something happened between us, that I did something terrible and yet, that there was something so bright the sun can not compeat. At least until I heard something Hyle said.

They were lovers she said. Veronica asked about it, but my mind just about shut down at that point. Listening to how Hyle spoke about it, the flavor of the words to me, spoke of a deep feeling between her and her lover, and it scares me a bit. Do I dare to continue to find out who Reavy is? Do I want to know more about their relationship...and risk my own heart?

*tears stain the page here*

I should know better. It was not ment for a kajira to love. We who are, Serve.


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((AND before you start picking at my grammer and all that Joe, I am not a professional writer! So be nice, I tried my best from memory to write about the fist half of that night. I hope veryone else enjoys reading as much as I am at writing like this again.

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((Ahhh the parties! Where gun totting, armour clad mercs mingle effortlessly with feather garnished, axe wielding savages to dance with scantily clad women to ancient music... and nobody dies! Well, most of the time. Where gossip is exchanged, alliences formed, plans planned and then everybody gets drunk and forgets it all. Where lovers meet and spies watch. Where jealousies form and grudges sharpen. But most of all where friends are made and friendships strengthen and everyone has a good time and reminisce about better times and then wander drunkenly home to maybe bed or even a sauna and then... Ah but that is the point where a certain someone sticks her fingers in her ears and tries to go back to sleep.

Salute! The Wafflehus and it's illustrious proprietor!

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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(well, Tuki was always a lightwieght... :)  umm  What was that she said  " I got some tips there..."

Nice write up Jeass  TY.

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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There is a little more to come from after the Sauna, though a bit of a twist involved. Some few may recognise what happened to Jess, for others, this may well be a new point of view.

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