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/7:57 AM 4/8/2018 uuu ur BLAYZE turned into u into/finality////////////////memory into a dust... a bird.FLying see uuu BLAYZE before early dust/ reading interface/ see uuu BLAYZE before early dust ........../Tears TO love u.coffins for Kiddos.. early mourn/morning /to be done So You /r eyesROLLin IN,,, all in the danceYummy??like wind INTo. reading/../And back to u.29 thats fine.if you need a fiend today. T/sROLLin IN me... mind in out//chotie all in the dance/ MELLOANaMEmoan none anymore./IN me/end me OWN none anymore/ attract u Tears/ to be done,ole count down; burning Tis back;/wasu talk sooo oh son, /e buried machine on No one in ten writtenFOunD VROoom toon, attract u/she do on the pole aGothic haunt on haunches ha ha halfway almost mybe amost Ill GO laugh. Gota find I come and gone Wild HOG. https://youtu.be/Kyx6HS83eAIlike an error into known ……….toons Strung SO fast so Came 2 Up again nowhere here Strung on wires told the Liers till their tongues gave out. Just a GLOW on the radar screen impacted hammerin in the numbness, Ah , no one in ten/T/sROLLin IN me.mouring Ten in one. MelloaNa exhausts all possibilities...….. She was the one. The ONE to Watch hung Written FLood. Me Moans like a ChiLL MELOna Like a SMOOTH melody , Hung on WIRES rolling pass the acid ash descending and clouding like a soothing Come too, come 2 U Rember member u JACKHALLS

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