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DeathDoll Entry 4

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The man smiled, tracing a finger through the girls hair, moving his hands to grip her hips, “Like I said, I can imagine it must get lonely”, Doll tilted her head smiling at him, while she moved her hips to grind into his hands.

Moving her free hand to his back pressing and him to closer to her,  she stood on tip toe to whisper into his ear “I know how to occupy the time” she said whispering,  as he moved his hand to tilt her chin up, she pulled the concealed  knife from her belt and pressed the tip to his stomach. 

At that moment his movements froze as he looked at her, the small girl that had smiled with so much sweetness now met his gaze with hunger, the coyness and playfulness of her nature before disappeared

His eyes grew wide as his mind registered what was about to happen, she searched his eyes seeing the fear fill them before the hand on his back pushed him that little bit closer and the knife split through his skin. 

She put her weight into it using her hand at his back to push him, the knife was mostly in and his breathing was so ragged the smell of booze surrounded her as she wrapped her arm around him pressing him against her.

She watched as his face crumpled in pain and his eyes searched about the room in a panic, she held him there for a moment holding up his weight and twisting the knife in relishing the sound of skin tearing,.

She stuck the blade in far enough now it had disappeared into his body, only the black handle showing.

She imagined he could feel the blood spilling out of him, leaving him. she watched his eyes fill with panic, then confusion as he tried to speak, “He...help?” he whispered it like a question and she stared into his eyes, only now realizing they were a dark blue, she gripped him tighter lowering him to the ground.

Laying him down carefully as she positioned herself on top of him, moving her hand from his back to grip the knife, she pushed forward rocking her hips as she straddled him, his eyes were wide as he looked up at her in horror and she smiled down watching the confusion  fill his eyes, as his body trembled beneath her.

If only she could drink in that terror, it might fill her up, she thought to herself.

Pulling the knife out languidly, she sat on top of him watching the remnants of life leave his eyes, as he went into shock.  

“Almost this time” she called to the man who had been watching the performance, Aiden leaned back against the bar watching her straddle the man as he mouthed words that held no sound.

“I would say your sloppier than ever” he smirked, turning back to his drink, she sat up running her hands through her hair as the man’s trembling had subsided. 

She rolled her shoulders back stretching like a large cat over the man as blood soaked through his shirt spilling across his stomach onto the floor.

She climbed off the man to sit beside him, looking at him puzzled, she ran a finger over the length of the wound, then quickly  she dipped her finger inside, the man lay there unable to move only a few guttural choking sounds could be heard as she pressed her fingers into him feeling about for something.

She spread her fingers inside of him feeling the torn muscles stroking them slightly, till finally her fingers found the renal artery intact.

 She sighed pulling her fingers out slowly and watching the look of horror fill his eyes and enjoying the reflection of herself in them.

“Yeah..This one was a bit messy. Renal artery isn’t even nicked” she said quietly.

Wiping her bloody hands on her skirt she began searching through his pockets, finding only a few chips and a torn scrap of paper with a location scrawled over it quickly.

She folded the paper carefully tucking it in her pocket and making her way to the bar.

“We could have just shot him the moment we knew he was with em…” Aiden said scratching his beard, “I mean the whole performance was fun. But what’s the point?”

She made her way to the bar to stand beside him making steady eye contact. Her pupils were dilated and the sweet metallic scent of blood coming from her filled his nostrils.

She leaned forward against the bar, looking into his eyes” Because I enjoy the way they feel under me, the surprise” she pushed a stray piece of hair from her face, “ Then there is this helpless look, this expectation of mercy” she smiled looking away from him “I show them the reality of this world, death is the only mercy”

He cocked his head at her drawing in a long breath, “Well if that’s what your peace is, you can keep it to your play things”

She turned away then rubbing her hands of her thighs trying to get the last of the blood from them, “Well I found something” she said quietly, pulling the scrap of paper out and handing it to him “It looks like he was to meet someone there, it’s the location of a cloner ”.

Aiden nodded, finishing his drink, and then tossing a few chips on the bar, the barkeep had been told to take a walk when they had come in, thankfully for him he had not returned.

Aiden took the scrap of paper from her hands, the large dog Contengan had moved to sit beside the dead man, Aiden turned  back to the bar turning the paper over a few times before seeing the tiny scrawling words of “Jones”, taking out a cigarette he sighed.

Moving back to stand over the body Doll knelt down picking the knife off from the ground and wiping it on her skirt. “I need that information. If any of them are still alive” she said in a whisper

 “So we have a name and a place”, he said to Doll, who seemed oblivious, lost in the ecstasy of killing, he turned to watch her for a moment before lighting a cigarette and turning to finish his drink.  This could get  interesting he thought to himself.

Doll had gone back to sitting on the floor cradling the man’s head in her lap and running her blood soaked  fingers through his hair “Color me once, color me twice, everything gonna turn out nice she sang quietly.


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