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The Death of Barry the Roofer with Vertigo (pt.2)

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Barry balanced the Curry carry out on his arm as he turned the key in the lock. He was looking forward to a nice relaxing afternoon. As he passed the phone in the hall he noticed there was one message waiting for his attention. He set the food aside and listened.

The voice on the message was female, The English was well spoken but with a definate accent of some other language.

" Is that Barry the Roofer man? Come to me as quick as you can ! "

Barry slumped. No curry, no tub for him today.

But Barry was the sort of chap who prided himself on his reliability, and one who would always be there when needed. Even though he really did not feel well at all after the strange panic attacks in the pub and just now, outside. 

Pretty soon, Barry the Roofer was back behind the wheel of his van, armed with his ladders and his map, chugging down the road to Hope Springs.

The Waffelhus came into view, Barry could see a blonde woman standing outside looking a little impatient. He pulled up out front and yanked the partly functional parking brake up as far as it would go. He cut the engine and jumped down. 

Now, Barry was the kind of chap who was never really comfortable around women. He just became flustered and uncomfortable. So when he saw Hyle in her loosely fitting clothes,  quite obviously not wearing anything underneath. Her shape, and the somewhat intimidating pale blue Nordic eyes sent Barry into uncomfortable distraction. Add this to the nausia he had felt ever since his fall in the pub. Barry started stammering. 

"Soo ermm..  W..W.. What seems to be the trubble , M.. Miss ? " Barry knew he was aready sweating.

" Thank goodness you came so quick, thank you !" Hyle was in her 'Let's get things done' mood. " I was going to sunbathe up on the roof  when i noticed a rather large hole there, I need you to do some emergency repairs please. "

Barry's mind suddenly filled with an image of Hyle sunbathing. Bikini, sun oil. maybe not even a bikini... Ohh God.. He became even more nervous.

"Errrmmm  Sss...sun... bathing...  right.." Barry stammered.

"Yes, on the roof.  The roof ! " Hyle pointed to the roof

"Ahh yes.. the roof.. A..A.. A.. I'll just get me ladders. "  Barry felt sickly awful.

" Ok, I shall leave you too it, hmm? " As Hyle turned away, Barry saw her breasts sway under the thin blouse.

Barrys eyes filled with sweat as he turned away and started loosening the ladders from the rack on the van "God it's reeeelly 'ot today " He muttered as the ladders inadvertantly fell to the road with a clatter.

He wiped his brow and proceeded to lean his ladders against the edge of the roof. Hands shaking and palms sweating, he slowly  climbed up and stood on the roof. Immediately he felt nausea again, and dizzy. Not well at all in fact. He really did not want to be there.

Summoning all his will he crossed on weak legs to assess the damage. He took a quick look then was taken with a panic attack. He crossed back to his ladders and as quickly as he could climbed down to blessed solid ground. 

Barry the Roofer stood still for a few moments to gather himself together. He looked inside. Hyle was behind the counter. It looked like she was making some sort of list. 

Barry took a deep breath and went inside to report. He appraoched the counter and stopped in front of Hyle. Barry opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out, not a word. He just stood there with his mouth open. 

It was simply the way that Hyle was leaning on the counter. Resting on the bar had pushed her charms up, creating a more than pronounced cleavage which was plain enough for Barry to see down the low cut blouse she wore. Hyle looked up and at Barry. She was waiting for his assessment.

"So. ? "  She asked 

"A .. H- H- hole.. " Barry replied, weakly.

" Yes.  I know, I saw that much myself "

"It's.. per..perr.. probably best... umm.. to leave it .. alone  f.. f.. for now.. Umm yes... F.. F.. For the best, it is. "

Hyle, for her part  was engrossed in the list of groceries she was preparing for Joe. She missed how uncomfortable Barry seemed to be feeling. Her eyes latched on to Barry so that she had his full attention. Barry got the full effect of Hyle's Nordic stare. 

"Just fix it, man ! "

"Yuh..yuh..yuh.. yes Miss.... I'll j..  just   ummm.. " Barry pointed to his ladders

A fully deflated Barry nodded and headed back outside..


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*Almost come in for a coffee but takes in Hyle's state of dress and the nervousness of the strange man and immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion so tip-toes out and goes back to the clinic.*


(( :D

Erm................ Oops?

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