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Dear Diary.

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Dear Diary.


Oh my goodness, Anni is almost five! Where does the time go!?


And she is as bright as they come. Silja had done wonders with her and I am confident that she will make a good teacher as well as being Anni’s nanny. Anni will be much better off being taught at home. After all, how many under fives are bilingual?


Yes, taking Silja in was one of my better decisions. She is a wonderful nanny, the best anyone could wish for. I just hope she will stay with us, I am not sure I could cope without her, and more importantly, Anni…


Which is why I am worried. I am sure Silja is pregnant, although she had not said so. But it is quite obvious. She is stick thin and when she was reaching for the biscuit tin this morning her shirt rode up and I could see the beginnings of a bump quite clearly.


So, what to do about it?


I am sure Joe has no idea. Yet. He would not realise until she was a few days away from calling a midwife. I wonder how he will react, but that problem is a few months away, or at least until I tell him. Even then he would call his accountant before he called a doctor. Huyy, sometimes I wonder if anything inside this house … But still, everything is left for me to arrange, and I certainly like it that way.


But why has Silja not said anything to me? Is she scared to? Does she think I would dismiss her?


Far from it. She is part of our family. Of course things will change, that is inevitable. But when I think about it, she, no they, Silja, Uwe and the baby could not live here, it is both impractical and unfair. There is simply not enough space. Nor would I wish them to live at Uwe’s, in a cramped room over the shop. I mean Edeltraut is a nice woman, but his father? Oh my, I do not envy the day Uwe will have to tell his father about this.


No. I am going to have to ask Joe to find them somewhere to live, and not too far away. Which means telling him. That will be interesting.


But, at least if Joe finds a place for them, it will be under his control. His protection. And that would put my mind at ease a little.


But first, Silja has to tell me. I can only leave that until it feels right for her to do so. I shall have to bite my tongue until then. Not easy.


Anneka’s birthday is only a month away, so that needs planning. At least I can concentrate on that more than I have of late.

All the commotions in Hope Springs have taken a lot of my time. Hyle coped very well, I thought. I must look in on Tuki soon. I could see she was upset by the whole situation. Her mother is there for her of course. They are very close, but still.

I shall take Anni to Tuki’s clinic for a check up, maybe invite Tuki for coffee afterwards, at the very least to see how her new nanny is shaping up. I shall probably arrange that for tomorrow.


This afternoon. Appointment with my accountant after lunch. My business interests are going well. It is good to have my own income stream independent from Joe. It gives some purpose to me I guess.

I could easily rely on Joe to keep me but where is the incentive in that? I can not see myself as Joe’s ‘Er Indoors’ housewife, not at all. And besides, the old goat would have kittens if he knew how much I give to my charities in Flagsaff, or to The Troy Foundation for that matter. I am sure Joe still has his first red chip.


But that is Joe, I can’t change his spots that much, I love the old goat, warts and all. So long as he keeps his shady dealings away from this house and Anneka, things will get along as nicely as they have.


Which brings me back to Silja. The plain fact is I need her here with Anni. No other nanny could come anywhere close to Silja. Whatever happens, we have got to look after her.





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"If she doesn't do as much work because she is pregnant... does that mean we can cut her... I guess that look you're giving me means no, right?." (great pic too)

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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"The word you are looking for is 'increase', Joe. Children can be quite the expense. Now stop your face looking like a slapped arse and take the dog for a walk."

"Be the change you want to see in your man." 

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"We have a dog now?!" 0.0

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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