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Dark Fire, a song and dance.

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"Gray was all that I could see,
Frozen all I'd ever be,
Until I saw your spark of witching light."

*It was a bright clear night in the Province, and not too far away from the homes of Hope Springs in the soft grass stood Jeassiah. She was bare foot this coo evening, looking up into the night sky adorned with a silvery moon. She was very little by most conservative thinking these days, a very thin blue skirt and matching blouse, so thin in fast, most would consider the attire nothing more than gauze that could be seen though. She didnt care so much for that, as it was late enough that all the children of the town should be abed by now, and many of the adults as well.*

"It drew me in, I felt it's heat,
But I could feel the threat beneath,
And see that was burning now was me."

*She began to sing softly at first, drawing the words from her heart, from a memory of so long ago. And with each word of the song, she begins to move, slow sure steps without pattern or thought, raising her hands high and also weaving them to the thoughtless pattern yet in time to each of the words as she sung to the starts and to those in her Heart*

"Light, warmth, and flame,
Pain and joy overtaking all,
I can't return to the cold,
So light me up."

*Fully into the dance, she closed her eyes to the night sky, turning inwards to her heart, to the song as she stepped to it, to the sounds of music in her soul, singing stronger with each passing moment, her voice carries soft yet with clarity and longing*

"You are my darkest fire,
You warm my skin and scorch my soul,
You are my one desire,
I can't escape your dangerous glow,
Dark fire."

*The pattern of her feet moving to the song, the weave and shift of her hands inscreased in speed and timing, difting back and forth across the grass yet withen a confined area that she seems to know yet has no apperent border. Still she sang clear, stong and to the night, heedless truely now if anyone will hear her and if so, that those that matter be the ones to truely Hear.*

"Enticing like a siren's call,
Begging me to take the fall,
I hear your words of comfort draw me in."

*The words soften and she slowed in her movements, turning slowly with each step, eyes still closed and seeing only the rythum of the song in her minds eye. A ghost of a smile as she sang comes to her as a fleeting thought teased her yet did not interfier with the song she sang at this moment*

"The ground gives way to empty space,
You lift me into your embrace,
And I surrender all I've ever been."

"I cannot stay lost at sea an eternal age,
Consume me now, take me whole, let the burning rage."

*Taking a deep breath for only the moment needful, she raised her voice once more, sweeping her feet across the soft beaten grass, raising her hands high to the night sky as she opened her eyes to look upwards upon the bright stars, even with the light of the moon illuminating her as she danced*

"You are my darkest fire,
Ignite my heart and steal my will,
Take all that you require,
And when there's nothing left I'll beg you still."

*The final refrain apon her finds her turning to face the homes of the town, One home in prticular where a couple that mattered deeply to her should be sleeping, if neither has awoken to the sound of song, and she smiled. Maybe they hear, maybe they did not, no matetr to her now, she sang out of her heart and the feelings held withen*

"You are my one desire,
I can't escape your dangerous glow,
Dark fire,
Dark fire,
Dark fire,
Dark fire........"


RP inspired by,
DARK FIRE by Mike Rubino feat. Ana Free
((This is an active Role Play Entry))
((Other players are welcome to join in.))


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