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da bomb

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 Economy it fills my mind
I don't know where to turn
The laws, the rights, the outta sights       https://youtu.be/sezVApK9rTk
You know they all should burn
People saying don't tell me
That's none of my concern
One day close, so very soon
You know they'll learn

 Invisible hate inside me now
Invisible hate 'cos I am down
Invisible hate inside me nowImage result for Atomic Bomb Pin Up Girl
Invisible hate I've gotta get out

Peace is what I need right now
So thing don't you start
Go away and leave my soul
And leave my broken heart
'Cos if you stay you'll provoke me
And I know I'll die
So go away now, go away now
High, high up into the sky                                                                                https://youtu.be/2MXG-sbyaSU

Invisible hate. . .

I still don't know if you'll leave me
I hope you will before you kill me
Here I am, I tried to fight you
Hope I can and not delight you
Invisible hate when there's no joy
Invisible hate I've got oh boy
Invisible hate inside my soul
Like in your head are girls that go

I've fought my hate now here comes joy
How I fought it I don't know oh boy
Some say God, some say faith
I say sex, drugs, rock and
My beer

 I've fought. . .
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By the Shore. Melancholy

I walked in solitude one evening
by the water – there was sighing and swirling
in between the boulders – there were ...
long grey clouds along the horizon –
– everything seemed extinct – everything
other-worldly – a wasteland
– but now things came to life yonder by the pier
– there was a man and a woman –
then another man appeared – with oars over
his shoulder – and the boat was down there – ready to
embark –

From a prose poem by Munch (1891?)?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-format=jpeg&output-quality=95&fit=inside|1024:576&composite-to%3D%2A%2C%2A%7C1024%3A576&background-color=black

FBb9jL8m4DJnothereIS 43 atom moo 2

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