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C.O.D. - Chair on Delivery

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'I am Luka Fosburgh,' Luka said to the man behind the counter in the New Flagstaff Franklin Rider Officer. 'I was told you have a letter for me but it needs the payment.'

The man behind the counter looked at Luka noticing his slightly wet hair, freshly washed, he thought, looks soft, nice shine. 'Luka... yes...Luka. Something back there. I will fetch it.' He wandered to the storage area for what seemed to Luka like ten minutes but was really two, and returned with something in his hand. 'We need five blue please. The sender forgot to pay.'

Luka sighed and reached into a pocket. He pulled out five blue chips and placed them on the counter. The man carefully counted them before saying 'It is a postcard,' and handing it to Luka.

'Thank you,' Luka said with little enthusiasm and walked out of the office.

Outside Luka looked at the picture on the postcard and shook his head. 'I should have guessed it would be from her,' he mumbled to himself.


 He turned the postcard over and read the message written on the reverse side.


Postcard message

 'I should have guessed,' he mumbled shaking his head again before starting to walk back to the lab. 'Five blue. I will add it to her rent.'


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(( Ahh the picture came out so well.  Must have been the talented...um...automatic camera.  The tour was so good we must have gone through it five times, with guest!

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((Cool postcard... Hey, you should do a Grand Tour!

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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At the back of the office, there was... (( Oh, never mind. I'll just look at that picture again and facepalm. XD ))

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