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The Christmas Tree of Picus Ridge

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It was a quite cold evening as Das, Fenster, Brett, stood admiring the Christmas tree like three wise men examining mysteries of the universe.

'It is an impressive tree,' Das said pulling on his red and white scarf. He leaned against the windowsill and almost fell over, quickly remembering they were all outside in the Picus Ridge courtyard, not near a windowsill.

'There is a lot of purple,' Fenster remarked.

'True,' responded Brett. 'We can guess why.'

Suddenly the tree shook a little and spoke. 'Purple is a nice colour for Christmas.'

'...and for you, every day,' Fenster added.

Veronica stepped out of the tree, screwdriver in the hand. 'of course!' she said.

'Are you ready now?' Das asked, pulling his scarf.

'Yes,' Veronica replied. 'The lights are ready.'

*     *     *

An hour later most of the people of Picus stood around the tree with excitement.

The announcer continued. 'Veronica, most of you know her, a regular visitor to Picus, has added the electrical lights. We shall now count from ten, and then she will switch on the lights!'

The crowd was silent.

A few joined the announcer.

More people joined the countdown.

The crowd all joined the counting.

Veronica noticed a meter dial showed low measurement.

She tapped the dial. The pointer did not move.

Veronica moved a lever slightly.

The pointer moved a little.

Veronica moved the lever to maximum.

The pointer moved a lot and shook with energy.

Veronica pressed a switch.

The light flickered a little and then glowed bright. Around the tree, purple, red, white, purple, blue, purple, green, purple bulbs glowed. The crowd gasped with pleasure. Veronica gasped reliefed.

A bauble fell from the tree and flittered and rolled toward Das. He picked it up and walked to the tree to put it back.

Suddenly there was a flash. The crowd watched surprised. There was a bang and sparks began to fly from the tree. The crowd gasped with delight at the show. They watched amazed, all eyes on the tree, eyes began to turn upward as the tree began to rise from the ground and launch into the sky. Higher and higher, before flying away in the night sky.

'Is that supposed to happen?' a voice from the crowd muttered.

The tree was gone. Only left on the ground were some wires, a bauble, and a red and white scarf.

'Das!' Brett suddenly cried aloud. 'The tree has taken Das!'

Veronica stepped to the scarf and picked it up. Suddenly from nearby a man stepped forward. His clothes torn, his face covered with soot, his hair all pointing in different directions, two tufts almost looking like horns. Bits of tree branch were tangled in the hair and shredded clothes. It was Das. He removed a branch from his hair and held it in the hand, tapping gently the other hand. His eyes glared at Veronica.

Veronica looked toward Das. 'Krampus!' she screamed. She dropped the scarf and ran away.

Outside the Picus walls was the sound of a buggy going away toward New Flagstaff.

'That was good,' a voice in the crowd said. Das turned and glared at the crowd who became silent.

'We are going to need another tree,' Fenster whispered to Brett.

*     *     *

On the side of a nearby hill, a couple lounged, arms around eachother, looking at the stars.

'They are beautiful,' a Vista woman said to her Ranger boyfriend. 'Oh, is that a shooting star?'

The Ranger narrowed his eyes and looked. 'I am not sure,' he said. 'Perhaps, or... no... it is....no, it cannot be... it is a ...duck!'

'It is a duck? In the night?' his girlfriend said confused. The Ranger pulled her closer to the ground before the burning Christmas tree flew overhead.

*     *     *

Grumpy Greg was grumpy. Christmas singers, he disliked them so much. All the happy smiles, happy faces, and happy voices. Why do they have to make so much noise? Why come here? Especially at the Christmas time? He knew it was the Carol woman again, Carol and her friends making the noise. Silent Night? Are they joking? It was time to complain. He ran outside toward the singers.

'Take your noise...' he stopped. Why had they stopped? Why are they not singing? Why are they all looking to the sky?

Grumpy Greg looked to the sky.

What looked like a burning Christmas tree fell from the sky and landed on the ATV, the pride of Greg. A bauble flittered and rolled toward Greg. He bent and picked it up. It was purple. 'What the-?' but Greg did not finish the sentence as behind him the singers suddenly began singing again. Loudly. He turned around. 'Go away!' he shouted. 'Go and annoy somebody else!'

When Greg thought evening was bad enough, it had become worser. He sighed loudly and then stepped forward toward the ATV. He stopped and looked down to see what he had stepped on. Creeper dung! He sighed again.


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((I guess Das got Boot-ed :)

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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Hyle watches a shooting star, wondering why it was green and purple, and shedding pine needles. ( Another glimpse into the wonderful mind of Veronica, Bliss! )

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

Engel's picture

(( I am seriously starting to wonder if V.V. has a single drop of Tech blood in her electrified body. ))

- this comment was brought to you by Oilville Primo™ -

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(( *points to a graph of the normal distribution curve*  VV is somewhere on the far left hand side of this graph  Surprised

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Blake was butt-naked in the shower (a somehow-working one) when the tree swooped by the window. Said window had no glass. The bathroom suddenly flashed with sparks. He ran like hell. ((Nice, V!))

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