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A Chota bedtime story

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The Chota woman stood in the tent and looked at the two children and shook her head. 'No, no more play. It is time for sleep.'

The children began to protest but the woman put her finger to her lips. 'Sshh. Quiet.'

*     *     *

'We should have kept quiet,' the woman said to her husband. 'We should not have spoken to the Enforcers.'

'It was the right thing to do,' her husband said wrapping his arms around her.

'I am afraid,' the woman said. 'I am afraid he will come.'

*     *     *

'And you know who comes to children who do not go to sleep?' the woman asked the children.

'The Night Monster!' the two children said together with delight.

*     *     *

They rode in the night. The road illuminated by the almost full moon. Bikes, Buggies, Cars. Their engines screaming, their Chota riders howling. A pack of animals with the instinct to hunt, instinct to kill.

In front, alone on a bike, the leader of the pack rode. The moonlight illuminated his cruel face a moment, dark paint running from one eye, a scar across his cheek. He was silent. He was ready for revenge.

*     *     *

'First you hear it getting closer,' the woman told the children. She curled her fingers to be like claws. 'Then you hear the scratching noises.'

*     *     *

The noise came again. Something scratching against the door.

'I knew they would come. I knew it,' the woman said to her husband, her voice shaking with fear as they both stood inside the house and stared at the closed door.

'It will be okay,' the man said to his wife. 'I will speak with him. It will be okay.'

Neither of them believed those words.

*     *     *

'Then all is quiet, before....' the woman lowered her voice to almost a whisper as she spoke to the children. 'The monster POUNCES!' she added loudly.

*     *     *

The wife screamed as the sudden silence was broken as an axe hit the door. The wood splintering. Outside voices began to howl and laugh. It took only a few seconds more until the door was destroyed and they entered.

*     *     *

The woman rushed to the children, her hands still held like claws. 'The Night Monster will eat you up!' She tickled the children and they howled with laughter.

*     *     *

The man with the scar across his cheek laughed as he held the man, who could now barely stand, by the neck. 'Did you think we would not find you?' he asked. 'Did you think we would not know it was you who sent the Enforcers to visit us without invitation?'

The woman struggled in vain as one of the Chota held her back. 'Please,' she pleaded. 'Please do not hurt him anymore.'

'Not hurt him anymore?' he remarked to the woman mimicking her distress. With his free hand he grabbed a knife from his belt. 'Okay.' With practised speed he ran the blade across the throat of the man. The woman screamed. He allowed himself the pleasure of watching the man gasp for breath, as the blood and his life flowed away before he let the lifeless body fall to the ground. He turned to face the sobbing woman. 'Did you not promise to be quiet?' he said. 'I think perhaps you need some more... assistance.' He walked toward her, knife still in hand.

*     *     *

The woman pulled blankets across the children. 'Your father will return soon and he wants see you fast asleep.' She kissed the children and left the tent.

*     *     *

Time passed. The shouts and howls and the noise of engines faded into the distance.

*     *     *

Outside the tent the shadows of two people hugged.

'Are they asleep?' the voice of a man asked.

'Yes,' a woman said in reply. 'Both of them.'

The entrance of the tent parted as a man entered and looked at the children, the light of the moon outside briefly illuminating a scar across his cheek. 'Sleep well,' he muttered. The tent canvas fluttered a moment after he left.

Inside the tent one of the children opened one sleepy eye and muttered 'Good night Papa,' before closing it again.

*     *     *

A cupboard door creaked opened a little and from inside some young eyes peered out.

It was quiet now. Too quiet. They had gone. The monster had gone. Everyone was gone or... blood, blood everywhere. The eyes fixed on the bodies on the floor and wept.


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(( Aw.. that was both cute and sad and... about right, really. ))

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((The sad and bloody reality of the wasteland. A nice change of pace V.

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(( Refreshing! Parallel stories where everybody gets what they are looking for - revenge... and a bedtime story. ))

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