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[https://youtu.be/QSvkfy3ddrk  OC ] inExplicable ?????????, the earth urth fallen.  riddles, time more   LIES. TIMEback set  Click the time back hop scotch find     Click Again Return again.......back hop scotch find Find your find whers sundial Tell lies  planted  shadow go again in search  in .......        on AGAIN  conscious desire decision....     leave fast Ugota GO ;hop scotch  FAST as u can car  NOOOOOORTH NOTH nothings shrouds of time
......oc noths Log..[iC] START up ROSE,mmmm bitter sweet tossed into a corner of the worldit was a &^%## nitemare it was a fucking nitemare  GGGGGGo Out  Words /9:16 AM 5/14/2016” Ricochet ur pierced
vroooomvroooooom-- -  ?/imagine me a charmer i i i  TOLDUSONAYSAYER         if used Words  properly yes ,  noth noth noth not not not here here here ......u hear the echo dave ?/imagine me a charmer toothe  wow....{factor so lookin for .WOW  blue sister  dash special k extractor now noth?  Just imagine......... What?   WHOS SEXIER than suzi?          dont be silly now would I silly ?ur truth ur history ur MISTER MOJO now pretty much all extracted   ey HEY u Untamed ... ey u Untamed ?  i think so.... to clasp our hand weve gathered all round u Noth  in a perfect circle  we carry u all twelve out of here up the steps  and yes  all u want? o MY Hun G...just pears oh yes ive wanted, U for a long time;.. {aNSWERS NO RANDOM}a hey hun Om HUN  hHi just pears" COME love ME DAVE just peachy? i WANT U TO ''just nice...GOOD IVE WANT TO TOO Omgod find ............wild child running. running wild child think .YES, just pears is just my best Friend ever. I CANT! I WONT> but i love to look at her ... i DO  i do  but i love to look at her ... i DO  i do TO LOOK BUT NOT TO INITIATE ANY CONTACT , CAUSE THEY IS WaLKIN SHADOWS            the  wow....{factor so lookin for .dave is lookin for dave is thinkin dave is wwith the blue nubiles a group of twelve kinda taken him into their custody dave is missing so beautifull hes always thinkin or lookin for her  Whos sexier than suzi? CLARRISSA HEAD OF NUBILES MYBE BECOMING DAVES CHIEF BENEFACTOR asks dave she nearly read his mind  dont be silly now would i silly this is suzi blayze how noth remmebers her talkin her voice comes into his head thru clarrisxa mybe but prob its daves  ur truth ur history urMISTER MOJO now pretty much all extracted   ey HEY u Untamed ... ey u Untamed ?  i think so...this is clarrissa  commenting  dave is being mined by the nubiles his oRE his semen extracted or even his mind his flow of thoughts .   ey HEY u Untamed ... ey u Untamed ?this is voice in the vancular talking def slang sing song its a sentaence that sounds like it has a rythum used in conversatiion spoken loud kinda making fun of untamed suzi and daves clan  its turned innto pretty nothing daves character dave is always wanting  clarrisa knows it and kinda taaunts him the nubiles seem to want oot worsshio dave  all u want she asks dave , also like u a construct  i i i good thing LIke 2 u THREE there,       no here dave.?Period   ur thoughts ur words your songs ringing properly  lovers  dave dave i i i good thing god thing an om FUCK\n suck thing , oh hell yeah  ur yours
circlin uS all oh yeah ,ur lookingng into  Heavenly Ill give u back,' all 2 of emALL of us, eveR    heavenly  /BLAST/2 of em  ill show u a way back  num wuzz Nutz /BLAST/2 ..... AFFLICTION ur diction om om to go on offer sacrafise          out but first uLooK BACK om om to go     '' ill give back one more  lLOOKIE''           time ur/Ur Mojo rising noth dear   lovers of ur mind one by buy one more time , Blue sister? cause she is   ,Ur Mojo rising noth dear  one more time ... noth one more time with her ..........urs yours .....    to saviour pull out the pen and notebook and write noth  Words can be like X-rays if you use them properly -- they’ll go through anything. You read and you’re pierced.”--Aldous Huxley - Brave  knock knock brave new worldNew Worldoh hell whoose  there? Well, davO, O,U dev.. delicious '' BEIN,ur circle ur SO

knock knock brave new world   oh hell whoose  there? Well, davO, O,U dev.. delicious '' BEIN,ur circle ur perfect minE '' MY fetish through telepathy......tedium UR     fine   Dive right inn into me  yes thats nice MmmMMM...yrah U LIKE TO STROKE OH DONT U BABY OH o MY OUR  PERFECTunion . KNIFE to slit '' OH BOD YEAH YES ,boody  nice  and long glowing growing cock  Were OPENING ALL three .were safe here for u lover .O H YEAH AND U CAN SPLASH ALL U WANT ON UR KNEES STANDING UP  u CAN SEE ME imagine me n UR womb  in the other place if u wish surrounded by stone and bone Uve been there  and here before  NOTH ,NOTHERE WE GO SOMEWHERE MORE PERFECT FOR US,after all this O SANo automatic alt text available.VANNAH this aint no  say so hey joe  blow joe                       is   u and me , aND WERE JUST take us STARTING killin,more deranged mybe been... mmm ...  as far away as stars        endless ... fucking will take us a ride as far away as..... the wind will take us  endless endless  thoughts burn burn TOLDUSO ,NAYSAYER ONE ... OM  ...                                    . "... and then he asked me would I yes to say yes my mountain flower and first I put my arms around him yes and drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts all perfume yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes." Joyce james..............
 mybe.. more.. smash a head to smitherins kick in, swell..  MORE BEFORE WE GO TO THE OCEAN   upstairs come down to us  ur chota mother her power to act on ur thoughts burn burn ur a firestarter ,yur mind ur thoughts and fianlly ur gibberish words/upstair outthere  UR AFFLICTION YOUR BIG [N. ] no one here  ur upstairs ur chota mother her power to act on ur thoughts burn burn ur a firestarter ,yur mind ur thoughts and fianlly ur gibberish words/ UR AFFLICTION YOUR BIG [N. ]repititon POWER CHANT CHANT  no here  no more time ur lovers of ur mind one of the threeNO THEN nineteenOr was it twelve 12  TOLDUSO,NAYSAYER ONE theres 2 of u nothere and nothere dave    https://youtu.be/oeblej_RbMk



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1868286AC0D1D1CF9E137E35D6BD6EE02583A8E6I WUZ THERE remember?No automatic alt text available."You seem to" Want to TOO''?FEild Dave ?" YES I answer  9:48 PM  we r going"its ALL............we r  fi-nite going"its ALL...........   having a limited nature or existence <finite beingsfi-nite spell infinity Noths SPELLspell nitetime:kiss in  nothere, Huh?

 noun  fi-nite spell infinity B95010A6311E388877970EAFC9DBA34D9E345ACA

FBb9jL8m4DJnothereIS 43 atom moo 2

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