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'Ut ois bei Ohahsiz ahn Syidyar Yill,' she explained. 'Ahy yent yere ahn mah bahgy. Tah bahgy ahs mahsh lahgahg spahs fah tahls ahrnd ahkipmahnt.'

A brief pause before continuing.

'Ah ahreifed aht tah bahnker ahn zaw tah ahntarna ahn dah rahf. Thrah wahz ah lahdah baht yit wahz fahri- aahhh ah fahgaht tah sah ah wahnt anzeid baht tah dahrs tah fah stahps wahz shaht. Ah eih ahd tah spahk tah fah mahn insahd yahzing ah mahkerfohn nah tah dahr. Iyt wahz fahree strahng.'

'Absolutely,' said Mr Vollmund, the travelling toothdoctor, to Veronica sitting with her mouth open as he carefully examined Veronicas teeth with a little mirror on a stick and some sort of prodding tool. She looked up into the handsome face, a curl of his dark hair fell across an eye. 'Why did he not open the door?' he asked.

'Ah hahv nah ahdah,' Veronica replied.

'What happened then?' Vollmund asked with interest.

'Tah mahn tahd tah ahntarna wah ahn tah rahf ahnd mah hahf bahn dahmahgahd fahrm ah sahndstahrm.'

'A sandstorm?' Vollmund remarked with interest. 'I guess in the parts between Oasis and Spider Hill that happens. Not many trees or plants to keep ground together.'

'Ahneevay,' Veronica continued. 'Ah wahnt ahp tah lahdah. Yit wah fahree slahpahree. Ah ahmahst vahll!'

Suddenly a slightly distressed man entered the room. 'Are you the toothdoctor?' he asked before putting a hand to the side of the face as if pushing back pain. Vollmund turned around to the man. He was tempted to say no and that he is trying to find a lost key swallowed by Veronica but decided not to. 'I am,' Vollmund said.

'I have terrible pains Doc,' the man said. 'Can you help this morning?'

'I am sorry,' Vollmund said. 'I am busy until later afternoon. However Karies, my Chota friend and businesspartner, has time free after his current patient i believe.' Vollmund pointed to a doorway to a nearby room. The man looked to the doorway and glimpsed someone inside dressed like a Chota warrior with wild hair and picking up a disturbing large plier with huge handles.

The man looked back to Vollmund and was about to say something when a scream came from the nearby room. The man paused but did not look back to the doorway. 'I will return later,' he said before hurrying away.

Vollmund looked back to Veronica. 'Open one more time please,' he said.  Veronica opened her mouth again. 'Did you repair it? The antenna?' Vollmund asked while examining her teeth.

'Aah yahs. Ah maahd eet sahnd vahs sahgnals agahn,' Veronica said.

'I am sure the man is grateful,' Vollmund said. 'So you went back down the ladder?'

'Aahfkurs,' Veronica replied. 'Thar mah hahv barhn steidahs ahp thar.'

'Yes, from nearby Spider Hill,' Vollmund chuckled. 'Okay, all finished. Everything is fine. You clean the teeth good especially after the soda. He walked to a table to clean his toothdoctor tools.

'Thank you,' Veronica said. 'When will you be in town again?'

Vollmund turned to Veronica with a slight confused expression. 'Sorry, what did you say?'


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(( this is more difficult than the cipher post....*works on decoding for a year*

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(( What a fun read, especially loved that last line! :D I enjoyed trying to decipher what Veronica was trying to say. ))

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Classic Volt. :DDD

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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(( deciphered this by putting my finger in my mouth and reading it out loud.   Great post ! 

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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((Fantastic read, loved everything about it .....especially the chota dentist!

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