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The choices we make.

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The building stood in the middle of nowhere.  It was a meeting point agreed upon between the Light bringer trainer and Zek.  He stood in the center of the open space, trying to relax.  Knowing what was coming and being in his Full enforcer Armor, was making his hearts race.  Zek chuckled thinking about how point of view was important, as the door opened and the group of students entered listening to their teacher.

The Teacher, continued, as many students openly stared at the giant figure standing in the middle of the storage building.  “Ladies and Gentleman, please met Ezekial Mordikai.  Zek was created by GobalTech to be a warrior.  Not as extremely modified and some of the solder concepts, Zek is not exactly human.  His muscle and bone density are increased, his pain threshold is much higher than normal to the point he has tactical issues.  Thanks to the wonder of NanoTech, he has the clone healing factor.  Additional, plates of cartilage are added under his dermal layer adding to his resistance to impact.  Lastly his adrenal gland is 5 times that of normal, so once he gets going, it is hard to slow him down or get him to stop.  To compensate for this he has an additional heart and thicker veins and arteries that helps cope with the added adrenaline and blood flow.”

Zek mutters, “Finally.” As the teacher finishes his speech and directs the students’ attention toward Zek.  Casually Zek starts removing his armor, placing it in a pile around him.  When finished he stands in just a pair of Military Shorts, and gloves. His tanned skin was heavily covered in hair, an unusual feature in the Canyon, as most clones had little to no body hair. Adding the fact that he had long hair and a full beard, he had earned the name "Mountain Man" from his friends. 

Stretching his muscle mass in an obvious display and with a smile he addressed the gathered crowd.  “Just to place a little perspective on your teachers long winded medical description. I am not like any opponent you have faced before.  I just short of 2 meters tall, and over 180 kilos.  My body fat is lower than 4 percent so most of my weight is bone or muscle.”  Zek paused to let his statement sink in.  

“You graduate students were brought here to make a choice.  You can turn and walk out of here with no loss of honor, and in one piece.  Or you use all the training you have received over the last year or so, and take a challenge to move me from this circle.  Be assured, I will defend myself but only that.  I have no desire to hurt any of you, but I will when attacked.  This will be one of your final lessons, so the choice is an important one.”


Dropping into a low crouch, Zek beckons any challengers. “SO, any of you Mohameds want to try and move the Mountain?”

To be continued....


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((Interesting to see where this is going. Looking forward to the next part.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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