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The Chickening - Part 4

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         The Experiment

Using one of the generators it was six hours to charge the batterie and almost the same time to reconnect it to the buggy. Easy to remove, not so easy to remember how to return it. Finally it was back in the buggy, and after some “improvements” it was ready to test.

Veronica put the buggy in the lounge and checked it one more time. All good. She sat in it and with excitement pulled the power lever.

Nothing happened.

Veronica jumped out of the buggy and examined the little three wheel Vehicle. Was the... connected to…? Is the other end…? What was that thing left over? Many questions came into her mind, and carefully she found the answers. Are these two wires…? Hmmm… Veronica disconnected the wires and reconnected them each to the other screw. She sat back in the buggy and pulled the power lever.

Nothing happened.

She moved the direction switch to backward and pulled the power lever. The buggy moved forward.

It was success! The buggy was moving. She turned the little steering wheel and drove the buggy around the lounge. She pulled the power lever more and the buggy moved faster, she drove out of the corridor, through the kitchen, and back to the lounge. She drove out into the corridor and pulled the power lever more. The buggy shook then became faster and moved toward the stairs. Before Veronica noticed, the buggy began to move up the stairs. As the buggy shook, Veronica laughed.

Eventually the buggy came to the level above and Veronica drove along the corridors, passing doors of the hotel guest rooms. The buggy was now moving quite fast. Veronica moved the steering wheel quickly when at the corners. She moved the power lever to less power but it would not move. She pushed down the brake lever but the buggy continued with the same speed. She shook the power lever, it fell off and the buggy became faster. Not good, she thought, not good at all. The walls of the hotel corridors left and right were become blurs. Veronica kept looking ahead ready to turn the steering wheel.

Corner! Turn. Corner! Turn. Corner! Turn. Stairs….

The buggy moved up the stairs to the level above, shaking Veronica inside. H-H-H-H-Help! Veronica called. H-H-H-H-Help! However only the empty hotel heard her.

The buggy now moved with faster speed along the corridors of the next level. What to do? What to do? Veronica thought. Corner! Turn. Something in the corridor, steer left, then right. What was that? Feathers? It cannot be. Corner! Turn. Room door opens. Corner! Turn! Wait! Door opened?

The concentration was lost. Veronica did not see the corner until too late. The buggy hit the wall and threw Veronica from it. The buggy turned upside over, the three wheels spinning but now slowing. Veronica was on the floor, face down. She groaned and waited for her head to stop hurting.

She heard something roll down the corridor and touch her hand. She moved her head up and looked. It was an egg. Strange. Why was it here? She groaned again, and slowly sat rubbing her head. Then she saw them.

At the other end of the corridor, they stood there, watching her. Two large chickens.

Why? How? Her mind tried to make a question without success. She closed her eyes, shook her head, and opened her eyes again. The chickens were there, but… A wing, a leg, a...a. Nugget? they were now pieces! She jumped to her feet and looked again. They were gone.

Veronica rubbed her head. Perhaps she imagined it, hit her head, the eyes seeing what was not there. She looked to the buggy, it was damaged. She could repair it, but perhaps safer not to drive it. She did not see the corner until too late, because the door… Yes, the door was open. How? She had not seen any room doors open when before she had explored. She turned around and with a little fear, walked around the corner, back to the corridor she drove along, and to the door.

It was not open. The door to room 237 was closed. The little fear was now growing. Was the door open before? Or did she imagine it only? Was someone inside? She put her hand on the handle, and after pause, turned, and pushed.

It was locked. Veronica breathed relief.

Imagination. Yes, only the imagination, she thought. It was never open. There were no chickens. Suddenly she heard a noise from below. Startled she looked around. Nothing. Probably the wind, it was strong tonight. A storm was coming.

The buggy was not a good idea. Put it back to where she found it, she thought, and touch it no more. She walked back to the buggy. The wheels had stopped. She moved toward it then heard a sound of something crushing. She looked down and lifted her boot. Sticky egg was dripping from it.


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Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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I daren't blink.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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At least it was just the trike that lost control and went too fast, not the Orga........ umm   thingy.   Huyyy

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

0.0 *passes popcorn bucket around* 


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